AGL today announced further choice for customers by expanding our carbon neutral offers, beyond gas and electricity to telecommunications, business energy solutions and solar/battery bundles.

Since launching in June 2020, AGL’s certified carbon neutral options have had strong uptake, with 60,000 active gas and electricity services.

AGL Chief Customer Officer, Christine Corbett said this provides our customers with a simple and easy way to offset emissions associated with the AGL products they use in their homes and businesses. 

“Offering choice to our customers by providing carbon neutral options across all our products by the end of FY21 was one of five commitments under our Climate Statement, which also included our target of net zero emissions by 2050,” Ms Corbett said.

“Our customers continue to be a driving force in the energy transition, making the choice to offset their own carbon footprint.

“When customers select an AGL carbon neutral product certified by Climate Active, they’re helping to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions both in Australia and overseas.

“Offset methods include reforestation, land regeneration, or energy efficiency projects that generate eligible carbon offsets. One such project is Westmere Regeneration, an initiative to regenerate land in NSW by allowing native vegetation to grow and flourish.

“We believe that the commitments we are delivering on today will go a long way towards creating a more sustainable future for all our customers and communities.”

Carbon neutral options will be available to customers across affiliated AGL brands; Perth Energy, Southern Phone and Powerdirect.

Many of AGL’s carbon neutral products have been certified by Climate Active, an initiative supported by the Australian Government. Any carbon offsets purchased to offset emissions for carbon neutral certified products meet the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard integrity requirements.

For further information on AGL’s carbon neutral options, click here.