AGL today launched a new range of smart home kits that will help customers reduce their energy bills by automating energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

The kits, which contain different smart home devices, consist of:

  • voice-activated lights
  • energy monitoring plugs
  • smart controllers for split air conditioning systems, and
  • smart speakers.

AGL General Manager Product and Portfolio Jo Egan said customers could select from a range of smart home kits.

“Many customers are using more energy than they would usually as they continue to work from home, which will have an impact on their bills,” Ms Egan said.

“A way to address this is to follow our energy efficiency tips but now, with these kits, customers can reap the benefits without having to lift a finger by automating control of appliances and lighting in their homes.

“These devices allow customers to set schedules, turn off devices on standby when they go to bed, turn off lights remotely and get the most out of their split systems.”

Ms Egan said a major benefit of automating the process of turning off of appliances was that it minimised standby power, which can contribute to high bills.

“In a living room entertainment area, for example, devices left on standby can include televisions, games consoles, amplifiers, and device chargers,” she said.

“The Sensibo Sky smart controller can automatically turn split air conditioning systems on before customers arrive home and off when they leave, using phone locations, and allows customers to monitor temperature and humidity, and set program schedules to match their lifestyle preferences.

“This is important because studies show each one degree change in temperature setting increases heating costs by 15 percent1 and cooling costs by 10 percent2.

“The kits, which cost between $108 and $420, provide an easy way for customers to help monitor their energy usage and automate control of their appliances and lighting, which sets them on their smart-home journey for an affordable monthly cost.“

A pilot offer of smart home kits was launched last year and has been upgraded in response to customer feedback to provide more assistance with energy efficiency, particularly lighting, stand-by power, and heating and cooling.

“Customers can nominate their preferred digital assistant - Google or Alexa, select up to two starter kits to add to their AGL bill, and choose whether they want to pay them off over 12 or 24 months,” Ms Egan said.

To further improve energy efficiency, AGL offers the following tips and insights:

  • Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of air conditioners and can increase costs by 5-15 percent3
  • Install insulation because an insulated house is up to 50 percent more efficient4
  • Up to 40 percent of heat can leak through windows5
  • Draft proofing homes can save up to 25 percent on heating5

For more information on the smart home kits:

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