How does a smart home work?

A smart home is designed to give you remote and hands-free control over your home by connecting smart devices to your wireless network. When set up, you'll be able to control them using simple voice commands, create schedules to run things automatically or access them remotely.

So you won't ever have to worry that you left your iron on again. And when you are out at night, you can turn a light on so it looks like you are home.

Plus, you won't have to lift a finger to change the brightness of your lamp or check the latest news or weather. You can simply ask Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to make it happen.

We're making it easier than ever for you to turn your home into a smart home, so you can start monitoring and controlling your energy usage.


Smart home products 

Choose up to 2 starter kits to add to your AGL electricity bill. Pay them back, at no extra cost, over 12 or 24 months.

Charges for your smart home starter kit will start to appear from your next AGL electricity bill and will be calculated using a daily rate to match your billing cycle.*

Google Smart Home Kits

Amazon Smart Home Kits

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Choose up to 2 smart home starter kits and choose whether to pay over 12 or 24 months.


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We'll post your smart home devices to you, including guides to help you set them up, within 10 business days of receiving your order. Note that delivery is subject to standard delivery timeframes, and may vary.


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Follow the steps to set up each item, then depending on your assistant, connect AGL to Google or enable AGL on Alexa.

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Help and support

Find out how to set up your smart home on our tech support page.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep my existing AGL electricity plan?
Yes, the Smart Home Starter Kits can be purchased by eligible customers on any market contract electricity plan, and are not tied to any particular plan.
Can I sign up if I have a gas account only?
No, you must have an electricity account with AGL. 
If I have multiple properties how many can I purchase?
You are able to purchase up to 2 kits per property. 
Who can sign up to this offer?
This offer is open to eligible AGL residential electricity market customers in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Please see our terms for further details.

*AGL customers who move home or change retailers will need to repay any amount owing on their smart home starter kits in full. Terms and conditions apply, including eligibility criteria.

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