We recognise that our future success is shaped and measured by more than just our economic performance; it is also influenced by the social and environmental consequences of our decisions and actions on all our stakeholders.

Social and Economic Inclusion Report

As an essential service provider, we're working to create a more socially and economically inclusive society where our customers can access affordable and reliable energy.

Rehabilitation Report

We're assessing the challenges associated with rehabilitating large, long-lived assets and infrastructure, and working with our communities on a transition that is inclusive for all.

Australia's Economic Transformation Report

In an ever-evolving energy market, we're looking to the future so we can continue to meet the energy needs of Australia's homes and industries.

Carbon Constrained Future Report

Climate change is driving changes to the way Australians produce and consume energy. With a proud history of evolving to meet the challenges of change, AGL is positioning its business for a carbon constrained future.