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About AGL

How we source energy

We operate Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio and we’re its largest ASX-listed investor in renewables.

Person working at Torrens Island Power Station


Large-scale solar projects, such as those we helped deliver, are an important part of Australia's sustainable energy supply.

Broken hill solar plant form the air


AGL proudly operates some of the largest wind farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

They are an important source of renewable energy and play a vital role in our generation portfolio.

Birds-eye view of a wind turbine field on a partly cloudy day


Our thermal energy assets generate electricity using heat that comes from gas or coal.

AGL Loy Yang and AGL Macquarie are fueled by coal, while AGL Torrens uses gas.

Sunset at a thermal power plant Sunset at a thermal power plant


AGL Hydro plays a small but important role in our energy landscape. While its generation capacity is small compared to other assets, it plays an important role in maintaining continuity of supply.

Hydro electric power generation

Natural gas

Natural gas from coal seams supplies over 30% of eastern Australia’s gas needs and is a safe and reliable energy source. AGL is progressively decommissioning and rehabilitating wells at the Camden Gas Project in NSW, ceasing production in 2023.

Natural gas plant with a cow in the foreground

Gas storage

Our two gas storage facilities, help maintain a continuous supply of gas during peak periods.

Gas storage facility with a partly cloudy sky

Development pipeline

At AGL, we’re targeting closure of our last thermal power station by the end of the 2035 Financial Year, achieving Net Zero for scope 1 and 2 emissions at that time.

We aim to replace this retiring plant by supplying our customer demand with up to 12 GW of new renewables and firming capacity by 2036. Work is already underway with new wind, battery and hydroelectric projects under development.

Close-up of white wind turbines in a field on a sunny day