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As a major power generator and mine, AGL Loy Yang recognises it has a significant responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of its operation. 

AGL Loy Yang conducts its business in a way that reduces, as far as practicable, the environmental impact of its operation.

AGL Loy Yang pursues efficiency improvements across its business and works in cooperation with numerous organisations, government departments and industry partners to reduce its carbon footprint.

An Environment Review Committee, including community and regulator representatives, meets quarterly to evaluate AGL Loy Yang’s environmental performance.

AGL Loy Yang Mine's Sustainability Report 2016/2017  

AGL Loy Yang’s Mine Sustainability Report for 2016/17 financial year can be viewed here.  This report has been prepared to comply with a notice received under section 26 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and includes sections on environmental management, rehabilitation, and communication engagement, among others.  To discuss further please contact AGL Loy Yang at

Air quality

Electrostatic precipitators remove 99.5% of ash and dust from the coal burning process before the remaining gases and moisture pass to the atmosphere through the high chimney stacks.

Online continuous monitoring of power station chimney discharges combined with remote air quality measuring stations ensure discharge standards are maintained.

A number of ambient air monitoring stations across the Latrobe Valley measure air quality within the region.

Visitors to the Latrobe Valley area often mistake the water vapour coming from AGL Loy Yang’s hyperbolic-shaped cooling towers for smoke. This steam is caused by rapid cooling of high temperature water for recycling.


AGL Loy Yang has implemented a number of water recycling and conservation measures to reduce its water consumption and minimise discharges to the nearby Traralgon Creek. With continuous treatment and monitoring of the water discharges, treated water released into the creek is cleaner than the creek itself.

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

AGL Loy Yang operates under a licence that is regulated by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria. The licence sets out a number of conditions with which we must comply including: limits on the allowable air emissions from the power station; limits on the contaminants in the water discharged to Traralgon Creek; environmental monitoring of air and surface water discharges; and submission of an annual performance statement to the EPA.

Retention Licence RL2015 for Loy Yang coal mine.



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