Wattle Point Wind Farm is located 15km South-East of Yorketown on the Southern Yorke Peninsula and consists of 55 wind turbines set on an area covering 17.5 square kilometers.

These turbines have a total capacity of 91MW which generates enough renewable energy for up to 39,000 homes and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 360,000 tonnes. The total cost of this project was $180 million.

Construction on this project started in July 2004 and was completed in May 2005 with the official opening held on 16 June 2005. The first turbine was assembled on 30 November 2004, with each concrete foundation consisting of approximately 230 cubic metres. The turbines were lifted with the use of a large lattice boom crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 600 Tonnes.

Wind turbines



Tower height

68 m 

Blade length

41 m

Rotor diameter

82 m

Blade rotation speed

14.4 rpm

Weight of blades

7.5 tonnes

Weight of nacelle

51 tonnes


Each tower comprises three sections -
Top (27 tonnes), middle (25 tonnes) and bottom (37 tonnes).
The towers are hollow with an internal access ladder for maintenance. 


Blades are made from fibreglass-reinforced polyester