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Oaklands Hill Wind Farm Tonal Noise Update

In March 2012, AGL completed voluntary, comprehensive noise testing around the Oaklands Hill Wind Farm in response to concerns raised by neighbouring residents.

The noise testing, performed by specialist noise consultants, tested for infrasound, amplitude modulation, low frequency noise and tonal noise at locations neighbouring the wind farm.

Testing demonstrated that all areas of sound were compliant with the strict regulatory requirements. However, some audible tones from the gear boxes were detected in certain low wind speed conditions (between 10-18 km/h). The operation of the wind farm was modified so that the turbines did not operate during these low wind conditions.

In addition, after consultation with several neighbours, AGL decided to voluntarily temporarily shut down several turbines on the Wind Farm from 8:00pm to 7:00 am each night. Residents were advised this was a temporary measure until a permanent fix for the tonal noise could be made.

After a thorough investigation, the source of the tonal noise was identified, with the solution to fix the issue implemented from November 2013.

The solution, which will be rolled out across all Suzlon S88 turbines, involved fitting each turbine with a gearbox dampener to remove the tonal noise that was occurring under low wind speed conditions.

Following the installation of the dampeners, the Oaklands Hill Wind Farm recommenced operating to its full capacity, with the turbines operating with no operating hour limitations.

Further testing was undertaken in November 2015 and May/June 2015.  Throughout 2017, it’s intended that testing will be undertaken in February/Mary, August/September and November/December.


If you have any further questions regarding this or any other matter, please feel free to contact our Community Relations Team on 1800 039 600  or email and an AGL representative will be in contact. 



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