Oaklands Hill Wind Farm

With 32 wind turbines, the 63 MW Oaklands Hill Wind Farm is a clean, green source of energy.

Oaklands Hill Wind Farm produces enough energy to power approximately 32,000 average Australian homes annually.

The $200m Oaklands Hill Wind Farm is located on 2,323 hectares of freehold agricultural land 3 kilometres south of Glenthompson, in the shire of Southern Grampians in Western Victoria. It spans eight properties, which are mainly used for sheep and cattle grazing.

The location was chosen for its high potential for harvesting wind.

Oaklands Hill Wind Farm project map (PDF)

Development and maintenance

AGL commenced construction of Oaklands Wind Farm in mid-2010, with practical completion achieved in February 2012.

Suzlon Energy Australia installed 32 S88 turbines with a capacity of 2.1 MW each. The total output from the wind farm is capped at 63 MW.

The total amount of carbon emissions created during construction of the farm were offset by operation within five months. 

The wind farm is expected to provide renewable energy to the national energy market for at least 25 years.

Key statistics

Statistic Value
Individual turbine capacity
2.1 MW
Turbine type Suzlon S88
Turbine height 80 m
Max blade tip height 124 m
Length of on-site access tracks 26 km
Length of underground cables 26 km
Concrete 10,240 m3
Steel for towers 5,460 tonnes
Average Australian households powered each year
Approximately 29,000

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