The Hallett Wind Farms can generate enough clean energy to power around 205,000 average Australian homes and save approximately 770,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.

Four separate wind farms make up the Hallett Wind Farms near the towns of Hallett and Burra in South Australia. The Hallett Wind Farms comprise 166 Suzlon S88 wind turbines and one Suzlon S97 wind turbine together with associated infrastructure such as substations and connection assets to allow the export of clean energy to the grid.


Approximately 180 kilometres north of Adelaide, the farming properties that host the wind farms are near the towns of Hallett and Burra in South Australia and are predominantly used for crops.

Brown Hill (Hallett) 95 MW June 2008
Hallett Hill 71 MW May 2010
North Brown Hill 132 MW  May 2011
Bluff Range (The Bluff) 53 MW March 2012

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Development and maintenance

We engaged Suzlon to build the Hallett Wind Farms and they continue to play an important role in maintaining and servicing both North Brown Hill and Bluff Range. Brown Hill and Hallett Hill are maintained and serviced by Vestas.

During the development and construction of the wind farms peak employment was 433. Currently, 36 people are permanently employed in day-to-day operations at the wind farms.

The payback period for embodied energy during the development of the wind farms was estimated at less than six months. This means that the total amount of carbon emissions created during construction of the farms would be offset by operation within six months.

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Community Fund


AGL seeks to make a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates. As a major employer and investor in the region, AGL wishes to fulfill its responsibilities as a participant in the local community by establishing a fair and transparent community grants fund. In this regard, the AGL Hallett Wind Farm Community Fund has been designed to support communities surrounding AGL operations in the Mid North of South Australia.

The Community Fund opens once a year to support local community initiatives and/or activities and is delivered in partnership with the Regional Council of Goyder and Northern Areas Council.

Throughout 2019, AGL supported events including the Burra Music Festival and the Rally of the Heartland.

For more information about the Community Fund, you can get in touch with us at through the below channels:


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Community complaints and enquiries

AGL understands that we don’t always get it right, and we want to be informed when we don’t. If you would like to provide any feedback, good or bad, or simply ask some questions, please feel free to get in touch via the following channels:


Phone: AGL Community Complaints and Enquiries 1800 039 600

Mail: AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries, Locked Bag 14120 MCMC, Melbourne VIC 8001

Learn more  about how we handle your general customer complaints on our complaints page.

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Stakeholder meetings

As South Australia’s largest electricity generator, AGL has an obligation to frequently engage with key local stakeholders. These stakeholders may include Federal and State Members of Parliament, the Regional Council of Goyder, the Northern Areas Council, relevant Government Departments, as well as key community groups.

AGL is committed to an open, honest and transparent relationship with the communities in which it operates. Sometimes certain information cannot be divulged for legal, technical, or commercial reasons. Should this be the case, we will still endeavour to find an answer.

You can get in touch with us at through the below channels.

AGL Community Complaints and Enquiries Hotline: 1800 039 600


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AGL Community Energy Offer

At AGL, we understand that there needs to be a benefit to the communities that surround our electricity and gas generation sites. That’s why, in 2019, we launched a specialised Community Offer that is tailored to the communities in which we operate.

Visit to check your eligibility and to sign up.

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