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How we source energy

Barker Inlet Power Station

Supporting South Australia’s energy transition with highly efficient and responsive technology.

Barker Inlet Power Station

A 210 MW gas-fired reciprocating engine power station near Adelaide

The Barker Inlet Power Station comprises 12 reciprocating engines capable of generating approximately 18 MW of output each.

The engines operate at high efficiency and with a low heat rate compared to other forms of fast-start plants. The station is capable of operating at full capacity within five minutes, providing a rapid response to changes in renewable generation supply. As the state increases its renewable energy generation, sites like Barker Inlet are an important part of the energy mix.


The Barker Inlet Power Station is located at AGL’s Torrens Island site, alongside the Torrens Island ‘B’ Power Station and 250 MW Torrens Island Battery, 18km from Adelaide’s CBD.


In July 2017, we announced a $295 million investment to develop the 210 MW Barker Inlet Power Station. 

The project was delivered by AGL’s construction partner Wärtsilä. Construction commenced in early 2018 and the plant was commissioned in late 2019.

Investment in Torrens Island and South Australia

Over the past four years, AGL has invested $475 million in major energy projects on Torrens Island, including Barker Inlet Power Station and the 250 MW Torrens Island battery, in order to provide crucial firming capability and system security to the grid as South Australia continues to transition to higher levels of renewable generation. 

Torrens Island will continue to play a crucial role in AGL’s current energy requirements and future generation plans as the site is transformed into an integrated low-carbon Energy Hub, with the potential to drive new investment, create new job opportunities and expand into new markets including hydrogen and green energy.

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