AGL Macquarie is one of Australia's major electricity generators. Around 620 people work at its 2,640 MW Bayswater power station and 2,000 MW Liddell power station. AGL Macquarie also operates the 50 MW Hunter Valley gas turbines.

Over recent years Bayswater power station has produced approximately 15,000 GWh of electricity a year, enough power for two million average Australian homes and families. Liddell power station produces around 8,000 GWh of electricity or enough power for approximately one million average Australian family homes.

Production from AGL Macquarie meets approximately 30% of the electricity needs of New South Wales.


Liddell and Bayswater power stations are located between Singleton and Muswellbrook in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW.

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Latest update

AGL has committed to close Liddell Power Station in 2022. This advance notice was given in April 2015 to avoid the volatility created by the sudden exit of other coal-fired power stations from the National Electricity Market, and to provide time for our people and local community time to prepare for the transition.


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Development and maintenance

Liddell power station was commissioned in 1971, and for many years was the backbone of the NSW electricity system. It was the first of its kind to be located inland – far from the abundant salt water supplies traditionally used for cooling purposes. As a result, Lake Liddell was constructed for cooling and water storage.

Bayswater power station was commissioned in 1985, and its design reflects the progress and improvements in power generation technology. Four evaporative cooling towers stand out as the site's most distinctive feature.

AGL acquired Liddell and Bayswater power stations – previously known collectively as Macquarie Generation – from the NSW Government in September 2014. Over recent years, technology upgrades and improved maintenance have delivered significant environmental and operational gains at both sites.

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Acquisition conditions

AGL is fully committed to complying with the conditions set out in the Australian Competition Tribunal’s authorisation of the acquisition of AGL Macquarie in 2014.

As part of these conditions, there is a requirement for AGL to have offered and/or to have entered into a minimum number of baseload swap contracts to licenced eligible NSW electricity retailers subject to the conditions outlined in the authorisation.

Compliance with these conditions is verified by independent quarterly audits, copies of which are provided to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The PDF below provides an indication of AGL’s future compliance with the conditions:

It is important to note that compliance with the conditions does not of itself preclude AGL quoting outside its parameters, and AGL remains willing to consider all quote requests where possible.

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Community complaints and enquiries

If you would like to enquire or make a complaint about AGL Macquarie, please feel free to contact us via the following channels:

AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries Hotline: 1800 039 600


Mail: AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries, Locked Bag 3013, Australia Square NSW 1215

You can find out more about how AGL engages with the community here and access the Community Complaints and Feedback Policy here.

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Community engagement

AGL Macquarie is actively involved in the Hunter Valley community, not only by contributing to the local economy but also as an active partner in community development.

Since the announcement of closure dates for Liddell and Bayswater, AGL has been working with local business, industry, government and educational institutions to identify new investment prospects, encourage economic diversification and create new employment opportunities in the Hunter.

Community fund

Through our Community Sponsorship Program, AGL Macquarie proudly supports a variety of organisations that make valuable contributions to local Hunter communities. Our aim is to enhance quality of life for people in the Hunter region; and to encourage good citizenship amongst our employees.

If your local organisation seeks support for upcoming activities or events, AGL Macquarie encourages you to get in touch via our application form. Your application will go to an advisory committee, which meets regularly to assess applications and allocate support.

Download Application Form

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Safety induction for visitors

We are proud of our safety record at AGL Macquarie. To help us maintain our excellent standards, we ask that all visitors to Liddell and Bayswater power stations complete an online induction. This guides you through the rules you must follow while onsite.

The induction takes about 15 minutes and is then valid for one year. Once you have completed the induction, please print the certificate and bring it to your site visit.

Please remember that your contact at AGL Macquarie needs to advise our security staff of the dates and times you are visiting.

Commence induction

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Environmental management

Environment management at AGL Macquarie is guided by the AGL Environment Policy, which include commitments to:

  • Adhere to high standards to protect the environment where we do business;
  • Strengthen our business by integrating environmental considerations into all business activities;
  • Meet or exceed our regulatory obligations;Analyse and improve the way we do business to reduce environmental risks and impacts;
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance through developing and reviewing effective management systems, measurement and targets;
  • Share our environmental objectives and commitments with employees and stakeholders;
  • Minimise the risk of environmental incidents;
  • Respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents from our operations;
  • Actively participate in the development of regulations, codes of practice, standards and policies to share scientific knowledge and support informed decision-making;
  • Contribute to research and adaptation to new technologies that improve environmental outcomes;
  • Use resources and energy efficiently, minimising emissions and waste; and
  • Educate our employees, our contractors and suppliers and hold them accountable for complying with this policy.

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Pathway for the gradual decarbonisation of our generation portfolio

In April 2015, we committed to two key changes to our Greenhouse Gas Policy. The first is the gradual decarbonisation of our generation portfolio by 2050; the second is a decision not the extend the operating lives of our existing coal-fired power stations.

As a result of our Greenhouse Gas Policy:

  • Liddell power station is scheduled to close in 2022
  • Bayswater power station is scheduled to close in 2035

Learn more:

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Environmental monitoring

Liddell and Bayswater's operations are monitored by the NSW EPA, which receives round-the-clock data on environmental performance. AGL Macquarie also maintains five ambient air quality monitoring stations around the power stations.

As per the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011, AGL must publish monthly monitoring data for each power station on our website. Find this data on our environmental monitoring page.

Licences for Liddell and Bayswater power stations and data monitoring site maps include:

Documents detailing water management include:

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