AGL Energy welcomes the opportunity to make a submission in response to the Solar Sunshot consultation paper, which focuses on the design of the $1 billion Solar Sunshot program announced by the Australian Government in March 2024. 

AGL has an interest in the Solar Sunshot program given our commitment to repurposing our large thermal generation sites into low carbon industrial energy hubs, and recently announced a partnership with SunDrive to explore solar panel manufacturing at its Hunter Energy Hub. 

Our submission calls for:

  • Including solar panel recycling in Round 1 of funding
  • Including capital grants in addition to production credits, and allowing immediate support through these credits/grants 
  • Loosening land access requirement to include an “option over land”
  • Streamlining reporting requirements to reduce burden on project proponents
  • Recognition of Australian-owned innovative designs, enabling scalability of novel designs

Read the full submission here.