• Your Prepaid Energy Plan is subject to the terms of your ongoing Market Contract with AGL.
  • Your energy plan includes variable rates, which can change at any time with notice to you.
  • Your Market Contract has no fixed term. However, at the end of your Energy Plan Period you will be placed on a new 12 month Energy Plan which may include a different set of variable rates and bonus structure. If your new Energy Plan includes different variable rates or bonus structure, we will write to you before this occurs.


To be eligible to take up the Prepaid Energy Plan, you:

  • must be a Victorian residential electricity customer with a fully functioning, remotely read digital meter;
  • must not have an overdue debt with AGL that exceeds $10 (GST incl.); and
  • must have a mobile phone and email account (and provide AGL with your mobile phone number and email address) through which we can send you Prepaid Energy Plan related information and updates.

Product swaps

When you swap from an existing AGL energy plan to a Prepaid Energy Plan:

  • your new Prepaid Energy Plan will commence one day after your next bill is generated;
  • you will be placed on My AGL Monthly Bill on commencement of your Prepaid Energy Plan. My AGL Monthly Bill terms and conditions will apply.



  • Depending on your circumstances, to help maximise your first bonus, we recommend that you make your first prepayment under the Prepaid Energy Plan within the timeframe set out in the table below. You will be provided with email/SMS alerts to prompt you to make your payments within these timeframes.
circumstance recommended timing - first prepayment
If you are an existing AGL customer who takes up the Prepaid Energy Plan Within 14 business days from commencement of the Prepaid Energy Plan
If you move into a new premises on the Prepaid Energy Plan Wihtin 3 business days from the move-in date
If you transfer to AGL on the Prepaid Energy Plan Within 3 business days from the successful transfer date

Bonus Credits

  • For your first payment on the Prepaid Energy Plan (if made on or before the recommended first prepayment date): The full value of your first payment will be treated as a prepayment of your account.
  • All other payments: a payment into your Prepaid Energy Plan account will first be applied against any outstanding account balance, before being applied as a prepayment of the account.
  • Bonus credits will be applied to your account as set out below, after cleared funds, which constitute a prepayment of the account, have been received by AGL:
Prepayment amount in a single transaction
(GST incl.)
Bonus credit amount
(GST incl.)
$50 $10
$80 $20
$100 $30
$130 $40
$240 $80

  • No bonus credits will be applied in relation to prepayments of less than $50.
  • Irrespective of the amount of a prepayment you make in a single transaction, the maximum bonus credit you can receive under the Prepaid Energy Plan is the bonus credit amount attaching to a prepayment of $240 in a single transaction.
  • When you swap from an existing AGL energy plan to a Prepaid Energy Plan, in order to be eligible for any bonus credits under your Prepaid Energy Plan, you will be required to first pay your balance relating to your previous AGL energy plan, and then make a pre-payment relating to your Prepaid Energy Plan.
  • Bonus credits will not be applied to your account in relation to dishonoured payments.
  • Bonus credits accumulated on your account cannot be transferred to another account or paid back to you in cash and do not have any cash value except as a payment on your Prepaid Energy Plan account.
  • Any prepayments you make will not be refunded to you during the term of your Prepaid Energy Plan unless you are able to demonstrate extenuating circumstances or unless you end your Prepaid Energy Plan. In the event that any prepayments are refunded, any associated bonus credits you have received may also be deducted from your account.
  • Any solar or other account credits (including flybuys points) that are applied to your account will not be considered prepayments and they will not entitle you to receive bonus credits.


  • While you are on the Prepaid Energy Plan you:
  • cannot have a Bill Smoothing arrangement applying to the relevant electricity account. Any Bill Smoothing arrangements applying to your electricity account will automatically cease if you take up a Prepaid Energy Plan.
  • must take up My AGL Monthly Bill for your electricity account. My AGL Monthly Billing terms and conditions will apply.
  • Automatic direct debit cannot be used to make prepayments on your account, (it can only be used to pay billed debt amounts);
  • While your bonus credit balance from your Prepaid Energy Plan account cannot be transferred to another account, any eligible credit balance from another account can be transferred to the Prepaid Energy Plan account as a prepayment. Solar and flybuys credits are not credits that are eligible for transfer.
  • If prepayments are not made to keep your Prepaid Energy Plan account in a credit position, your account will operate like a postpaid energy account, with no energy usage charges discounts applying. Your electricity supply will not be stopped because your prepaid credit has expired. Standard billing and payment rules, including disconnection for non-payment rules, will apply.
  • Account balance information/alerts you will receive may be up to 48 hours old and will be based on information available to us from your distributor. In some circumstances it may also be based on estimated or incomplete data.