Find out more about the recent changes to the AGL Market Contract Terms and Conditions below:

1. Reducing switching time between different retailers for electricity customers

We have made changes to AGL’s General Terms to reflect the new regulatory requirements that aim to reduce the switching time for electricity customers between different retailers. The General Terms have been amended so that:

For electricity customers joining AGL from another retailer on a future transfer date:

  • the required meter reading used to facilitate the transfer can be based on an estimated read (there will be no need to wait for the next scheduled meter reading); and
    • the supply of electricity from AGL may commence during the 10-day cooling off period under the Market Contract.
    • Electricity customers joining AGL may in some cases choose to transfer on a date in the past (ie a retrospective transfer), subject to the regulatory requirements. 
  • For customers who transfer to a new retailer, certain billing and payment provisions may stay in place past the end of the Market Contract, to allow AGL to reconcile payments and make any necessary account adjustments relating to the transfer.

What this means for you

  • If you decide to move to a new retailer, the transfer can take effect more quickly under the new reduced switching time procedures; 
  • If you transfer to a new retailer, and then decide you wish to return to AGL during or after the other retailer's cooling off period, we may not be able to reinstate your previous Market Contract terms or energy plan; and
  • Once you leave AGL, you may still receive bills and notices relating to any necessary account adjustments. 

2. Credit Transfers - for gas and electricity customers

Changes have also been made to AGL’s General Terms to allow AGL to transfer credit balances between a customer’s energy accounts. 

This will continue if required after the end of your Market Contract. 

This will allow us to transfer credit balances in situations such as when you have a credit balance on your inactive account after the final bill or you make payment with the incorrect payment reference number.

3. Incorporating Ancillary Products - for electricity customers

Changes have also been made to AGL’s General Terms to allow AGL to vary a customer’s Market Contract to incorporate an Ancillary Product, where the addition or variation of the Ancillary Product is likely to benefit or have a neutral impact to the customer.

An Ancillary Product means a product or service that AGL may offer from time to time which is not the supply of energy and is compatible with an energy contract. For example, a product which offers a customer a bonus or reward if they decide to voluntarily participate in a demand response event or an energy management trial.

Where we vary a Market Contract to add an Ancillary Product, we will provide written notice of the variation, which may consist of notice with a link to details of the variation on our website and such Ancillary Product terms and conditions which will be incorporated into the Market Contract.

Customers can opt out of the Ancillary Product at any time by notifying AGL.