Instalment Plan

Terms and Conditions

1. For the duration of the instalment plan term, you must pay the instalment amounts as agreed by you and outlined in your instalment plan confirmation letter.

2. Payments due under your instalment plan are in addition to amounts due for your continuing energy consumption.

3. If you fail to adhere to your instalment plan, AGL may terminate the agreed instalment plan and demand immediate payment of all outstanding amounts.

4. If you face difficulty in making the required payments under the instalment plan, you must contact AGL. Additional assistance may be available to you under AGL's Customer Hardship Policy. A copy of AGL's Customer Hardship Policy is available at or on request.

5. You may make early repayment of the total amount of the remaining instalments to AGL in order to discharge your payment obligations under the plan. To arrange early repayment of an instalment plan, please contact AGL on 131 245.

6. Early repayment of your instalment plan does not affect your obligation to pay invoices for your continuing energy consumption.

7. AGL may cancel an instalment plan if AGL has not received payment of an instalment, after the date on which that payment falls due. If AGL cancels an instalment plan due to non-payment of an amount due, AGL will notify you of this in writing and you must pay the remaining balance of arrears immediately as required by AGL. 

8. If you fail to repay the remaining arrears AGL may seek to recover the amounts owing through debt collection action and your details may be listed with a Credit Reporting Agency which could affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

9. If AGL cancels an instalment plan, AGL may reinstate the instalment plan at its discretion.

10. If you wish to dispute any aspect of the instalment plan, you should contact AGL on 131 245, any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, please email us at or write to us at AGL Customer Advocacy, Locked Bag 14120 MCMC, Melbourne VIC 8001.