Market retail contracts

Market retail contracts are specific gas and electricity offers from AGL.

What is a market contract?

Market contracts are gas and electricity offers from AGL that can include additional benefits like discounts, fixed rates or credits. The terms and conditions under market contracts are different from our standard retail contracts.

Our general terms and conditions are important contractual documents and we encourage you to review them as well as any recent changes.

Residential customers

If you accept an AGL Essentials™ or AGL Essentials Saver™ Energy Plan, you will be on a market contract.

Small business customers

If you accept an AGL Business Essentials™ or AGL Business Essentials Saver™ Energy Plan, you will be on a market contract.

Terms and conditions

We updated our terms and conditions on 1 July 2020. That means some of the rules and requirements for your energy plan have changed.

The changes are mostly due to revised regulations in Victoria which started on 1 July 2020. They mean that:

  • We won’t increase your rates unless permitted under relevant regulations.
  • We may start offering customers fixed term contracts that meet the new regulations.
  • If you do take up a fixed term contract you can accept a new energy plan at the end of the contract, otherwise you’ll default to a standard retail contract (for electricity, this is under the Victorian Default Offer).
  • If we need to test your meter, there’s information on exactly what that process involves.

Market Contract Terms and Conditions

Fee schedule

NSW Market Retail Contract Fee Schedule

Note: for ex-amaysim customers that were on a market contract and migrated to AGL in November 2020, the market contract fees are as follows: