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Yalumba's solar story

With the help of AGL, Yalumba is producing around 2,000 megawatt hours of solar electricity per year.


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We're helping pandas chill with solar

Solar panels installed at Adelaide Zoo help the city's famous pandas to stay cool, all year round.



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The Annual Savings amount, Simple Years Pay Back, System Size recommendation, and System Cost estimate are all intended as a guide only based on the information you have provided and are not a guarantee of performance or savings.
In providing these estimates, we have made a number of assumptions which do not take into account your personal circumstances, including assumed average grid electricity tariffs and feed-in tariffs for your state (based on AGL’s Retailer Feed-in Tariff as at September 2018), as well as generic solar industry averages.
The system size recommendation is based on the average daily energy consumption you have provided and the average daily production of a solar PV system as set out on the Clean Energy Council website  as at October 2018, and is based on the rated output that is achieved during laboratory conditions.
The system cost estimates are derived from Solar Choice state pricing figures, correct as of October 2018. Figures are estimates based on market conditions. These prices are a guide only. The actual price for a solar PV system may vary.
Your actual savings may vary significantly depending on a number of factors including your usage patterns, tariff changes, the weather and the solar system size that can be installed on your roof. No future changes to grid and feed-in tariffs have been considered.
The assumptions we have made about your future grid electricity and feed-in tariffs may not eventuate, which could also affect the amount you save. The estimated system cost does not include travel charges for non-metro installations and any non-standard items.
For a calculation that takes into account additional factors relevant to your personal circumstances, please call 1300 377 118.