Our future will be battery powered

The next transition in energy is right around the corner and battery technology will play a big part in it. That's why we're already working on smart ways to harness energy storage in new and innovative ways.

Whether it's giving more Australians access to affordable battery technology and bill savings, or rewarding them when their batteries help support the grid, we're working on the ideas that will build a battery-powered future.

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Our future will be battery powered
Our future will be battery powered

Powering up for our energy future

AGL is leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology and we’ve made big investments already.

We're building one of Australia's largest virtual power plants with 1,000 residential batteries, and operating the country's first certified indoor battery connected to the energy grid.

And that's just the beginning. We're working on new ways to help more Australians access battery technology, or unlock greater savings with their batteries if they've already made the jump. New offers and trials are coming, so stay tuned.

The benefits of a solar battery

  • Store and save

    Power your home with stored solar energy and draw less from the grid. It's a great way to help lower your electricity bills.

  • Use more solar

    Power your home with more of the solar generated by your panels, instead of sending it to the grid. That's extra bill savings and an even greener home.

  • Have a backup

    Stay in control when the power goes out. Choose a backup enabled battery and keep select appliances running in the event of a power outage.*

  • Be rewarded

    Batteries can be used to help support the grid during times of peak energy use. In return, you might receive an upfront discount on your new battery or bill credits every time your battery helps support the grid.

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*Backup power can be an additional feature and may attract an additional cost. Backup power is dependent on the availability of excess energy stored in your battery at the time of any power outage.