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What is a virtual power plant or VPP?

A virtual power plant, or VPP for short, is sometimes used to refer to a network of connected solar batteries that can be managed as one.

The idea is that individual batteries can be coordinated, and in doing so become a pop-up power plant. So small amounts of energy stored in individual batteries can become a large amount of controllable energy. This can help stabilise the electricity grid and contribute to making energy more affordable in the future. 

What happens when AGL manages my battery?

How your battery is remotely managed depends on the circumstances at the time. It's based on the best way we think can help take pressure off the grid.

Sometimes we’ll discharge energy from your battery and power your home. Any leftover energy will be supplied to the grid and you’ll receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan.

Other times, we’ll either charge your battery from your solar system, or charge it from the grid (and you’ll pay your usual grid rate). There may also be times when we just hold your battery’s charge steady.

How are the batteries connected?

Your battery has inbuilt digital software that allows AGL to send your battery directions in real-time. There are no wires or physical connections.

Will I be worse off by joining AGL's VPP?

Because we’ll be managing your battery during times when the grid needs support, the energy used from your solar system, battery and the grid may change. This may affect your electricity bill and the amount of solar feed-in tariff credits you receive.

We estimate that the virtual power plant grid support services won't impact your electricity bill by more than $50 (GST incl.) over each 12-month period. Overall we would expect your solar battery to reduce your electricity bills over time. An AGL battery expert can help calculate your battery savings.

Will joining a virtual power plant affect the warranty of my battery

The battery and inverters that are sold as part of AGL’s Virtual Power Plant come with a manufacturer’s express warranty and participating in our VPP won’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. Each manufacturer warranty deals with virtual power plant participation differently, so we encourage you to read the Tesla or LG Chem warranties for guidance and contact an AGL battery expert on 1300 447 465 if you have any questions.

What is AGL’s role in the South Australian Home Battery Scheme (HBS)?

Under the SA government’s Home Battery Scheme, AGL has been accepted as an approved system provider. This means AGL has met the eligibility criteria set out by the SA government. Currently, we are eligible to receive the subsidy from RateSetter on behalf of our customers and AGL is able to supply and install eligible home battery systems under the scheme.

The SA government makes no assurances to AGL for the period of time that AGL will be an approved system provider for, and the SA government has the right to remove AGL’s system accreditation at any time if it deems that AGL is not meeting the eligibility criteria.

How does the SA government’s Home Battery Scheme work?

The Home Battery Scheme is structured whereby an intermediary company called RateSetter has been appointed to manage the subsidy scheme and payments on behalf of the SA government, and customers are required to apply through the RateSetter portal for the subsidy. If approved, RateSetter will release the subsidy to AGL. AGL has no control over how long RateSetter takes to process, approve or release the subsidy payments to AGL on behalf of customers.

The SA Government has also provided approved system providers with no assurances on how long the Home Battery Scheme will last for, and the government reserves the right to change its policy position or change or withdraw the scheme. Please visit the Home Battery Scheme website for more information.

Is this offer only available in metro Adelaide?

Yes, that’s right. We’re working on bringing AGL's Virtual Power Plant to other states in the future so stay tuned.

Can I access the South Australia Government Home Battery Scheme subsidy?

AGL is a qualified system provider under the SA Government Home Battery Scheme.

According to the South Australia Government, the Home Battery Scheme has been designed to ensure every household on the grid is eligible to purchase a subsidised home battery system. Make sure you check their website to understand your eligibility.

You may also be eligible for AGL’s $1,000 credit to put towards the price of your battery, when you connect to our virtual power plant, so call an AGL battery expert to discuss.

If you’re a concession card holder you could receive a $4,000 Home Battery Scheme subsidy for your new Tesla Powerwall 2 purchase, or $3,720 if your purchase an LG Chem battery.

Will my AGL solar feed-in tariff be affected?

When you supply energy back to the grid, you’ll continue to receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan.

Can I change my electricity plan during the 5-year term?

You're free to switch your electricity plan at any time. However, you must remain on an AGL electricity plan in order to connect to our virtual power plant. If you leave AGL during the 5-year term, you just have to repay the upfront AGL credit of $1,000 on a pro rata basis.