Take your next solar step with a great-priced solar battery. You’ll be able to store energy to help power your home, helping to reduce your energy bill and becoming less reliant on the grid.

Buying a solar battery can be a major financial investment, which is why we have two ways to pay. You can buy your solar battery outright, or spread the cost over 5 years, paying from $177 a month when you connect to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Minimum cost $10,605 over 60 months. Limited time only and T&Cs apply.

Why buy a solar battery?

  • Power your home at night

    Use your excess solar energy when the sun isn’t shining.

  • Lower your energy bills

    Make the most of your stored energy and use less from the grid, lowering your bill.

  • Power back-up

    Self-power your home during a power outage (if you have a power-backup solar battery).

Why choose a solar battery with us? 

  1. Save up to $1,000 on the upfront cost

    Join our VPP for five years and get up to $1,000 off. If you leave AGL before this time, you’ll need to pay it back on a pro-rata basis. 

  2. Pay your way

    Buy your solar battery upfront or, if you join our VPP, you can pay it off in fixed monthly instalments over 5 years. Limited time only. Exit fees apply. 

  3. Ready when you need us

    Alongside a 5-year parts and labour warranty on your solar battery, our Australia-based experts are here to support you, drawing on AGL’s 180 years of experience. 

  4. Help your environment and community

    Our VPP is helping to build a cleaner, more reliable energy system for the future. Plus, it’s putting downward pressure on energy prices.  

  5. Monitor your power and bill

    Check the performance of your solar and battery system, and keep an eye on your energy bill - wherever you are. Available in the AGL Energy App or My Account.

*Usable capacity - Battery capacity is measured at the battery module DC terminals. Losses associated with further system conversion may vary. 
*Wall, indoor or outdoor installation - A detailed site inspection may be required and will be conducted by AGL to assess your home’s individual suitability for a wall installation and indoor or outdoor installation. 
*Price includes - GST does not apply to the AGL credit and government subsidy. Installation and administration costs include GST. 
Monthly payment plan only available to customers who commit to joining AGL’s Virtual Power Plant for 5 years (limited time only, exit fees and T&Cs apply). Monthly cost includes $1,000 off the upfront cost of a solar battery from AGL. Minimum cost $10,605 over 60 months.  

Am I eligible to join? 


You can buy a solar battery and join our VPP, if you: 
  • live in a metropolitan area (within 50km of state capital city CBD or installer location)

  • have an operating solar system 

  • have a reliable internet connection 

  • aren’t already part of a Virtual Power Plant 

  • have an electricity plan with us or are ready to make the switch. 

Keep in mind that any subsidy schemes in your state will also have their own eligibility criteria. 

Ready to buy a solar battery?

Call us on 1300 447 465 or provide a few details and we'll call you back.

Keeping you connected 

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Keep an eye on your solar and battery system – wherever you are. All in the AGL Energy App or My Account. 

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Learn more about how solar battery storage works, what a VPP is, and how our innovation is helping to shape a brighter future. 

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How it works
The offer

What’s a VPP?

A Virtual Power Plant, or VPP for short, is sometimes used to refer to a network of connected solar batteries that can be managed as one. 

The idea is that individual batteries can be coordinated, and in doing so become a pop-up power plant. So small amounts of energy stored in individual solar batteries can become a large amount of controllable energy. This can help stabilise the electricity grid and contribute to making energy more affordable in the future.  

What happens when you manage my solar battery?

How your battery is remotely managed depends on the circumstances at the time. It's based on the best way we think can help take pressure off the grid. 

Sometimes we’ll discharge energy from your solar battery and power your home. Any leftover energy will be supplied to the grid and you’ll receive your feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan. 

Other times, we’ll either charge your battery from your solar system, or charge it from the grid (and you’ll pay your usual grid rate). There may also be times when we just hold your solar battery’s charge steady. 

How are the solar batteries connected?

Your solar battery has inbuilt software that allows us to talk to it in real-time. There are no wires or physical connections. 

Will I be worse off by joining AGL's VPP?

Because we’ll be managing your solar battery during times when the grid needs support, the energy used from your solar system, solar battery and the grid may change. This may affect your electricity bill and the amount of solar feed-in tariff credits you receive. 

We estimate that the VPP grid support services won't impact your electricity bill by more than $50 (GST incl.) over each 12-month period. Overall, we would expect your solar battery to reduce your electricity bills over time. Our battery experts can help calculate your savings. 

Will joining a VPP affect the warranty of my solar battery?

The solar battery and inverters that are sold as part of our VPP come with a manufacturer’s express warranty and participating in our VPP won’t void your manufacturer’s warranty. Each manufacturer warranty deals with VPP participation differently, so we encourage you to read the Tesla or LG Chem warranties for guidance and contact an our battery experts on 1300 447 465 if you have any questions. 

Is this offer only available in metro areas?

The offer is available in metropolitan SA, VIC, NSW and QLD (within 50km of state capital city CBD or installer location). We’re currently looking at ways to increase our installer coverage in regional areas without compromising quality and post-install support, so stay tuned.

Will my AGL solar feed-in tariff be affected?

When you supply energy back to the grid, you’ll continue to receive your feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan. 

Can I change my electricity plan during the 5-year term?

You're free to switch your electricity plan at any time. However, you must remain on an AGL electricity plan in order to connect to our VPP. If you leave AGL during the 5-year term, you just have to repay the upfront AGL credit of $1,000 on a pro rata basis. 

Eligibility criteria applies. Offer is limited. AGL reserves the right to extend the offer and the offer may be subject to change or expiry without notice. 

Terms and conditions apply.