Connect your solar battery to AGL's Virtual Power Plant and become part of a network that's lending the grid a helping hand. 

Our virtual power plant is designed to build a more reliable electricity grid by creating a connected network of home solar batteries. It can be used to help take pressure off the grid, like on a hot day when everyone turns the aircon on and the grid struggles.

By joining our VPP, we'll actively manage your battery, up to 30 times a year. You'll get credits, and a one-off bonus, towards your bill for taking part. Plus, you'll still get your AGL solar feed-in tariff when you supply energy back to the grid. 

Want to sign up? Provide a few details and we'll call you back.

Why should I sign up?

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    Maximise your battery investment 

    Sign up bonus, quarterly credits + AGL solar feed-in tariff
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    Award winning innovation

    Received 2020 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for our Bring your own Battery offer
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    Be part of a solution

    Start building new ways to make energy more affordable and reliable.

Join  a network of connected batteries

AGL's Virtual Power Plant works as an add-on to an AGL electricity plan. No installation required.

  1. Support the grid when needed

    AGL will actively manage your battery up to 30 times a year. That means we'll either direct your battery to discharge energy to power your home (with any excess going to the grid), charge it with solar or grid power, or simply hold its state of charge steady.  
  2. Be rewarded with up to $280 in credits

    Get a $45 quarterly credit and a one-off $100 sign-up bonus towards your AGL electricity bill over your first 12 months. That's on top of any other benefits your current electricity plan offers and the AGL solar feed-in tariff you get when you supply energy back to the grid. 
  3. Get peace of mind with your power

    We'll leave stored energy to use when you need it, if you have backup power set up.

Compatible solar batteries

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    Tesla Powerwall

  • LG Chem RESU + SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter

    LG Chem RESU

    + SolarEdge inverter with HD-Wave technology
  • battery-02

    LG Chem RESU

    + SolarEdge StorEdge inverter

Connect to AGL's Virtual Power Plant

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Power for you and the community

Learn more about connecting to AGL's Virtual Power Plant and our commitment to battery power.

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Connected batteries are changing the way we use and store solar power, and helping to boost energy reliability for the community.
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What is a virtual power plant or VPP?

A virtual power plant, or VPP for short, is sometimes used to refer to a network of connected solar batteries that can be managed as one.

The idea is that individual batteries can be coordinated, and in doing so become a pop-up power plant. So small amounts of energy stored in individual batteries can become a large amount of controllable energy. This can help stabilise the electricity grid and contribute to making energy more affordable in the future. 

What happens when AGL manages my battery?

How your battery is remotely managed depends on the circumstances at the time. It's based on the best way we think can help take pressure off the grid.

Sometimes we’ll discharge energy from your battery and power your home. Any leftover energy will be supplied to the grid and you’ll receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan.

Other times, we’ll either charge your battery from your solar system, or charge it from the grid (and you’ll pay your usual grid rate). There may also be times when we just hold your battery’s charge steady.

How are the batteries connected?
Your battery has inbuilt digital software that allows AGL to send your battery directions in real-time. There are no wires or physical connections.
How does the 30-event limit work?
We’ll actively manage your battery up to 30 times over 12 months, in ‘events’ that could vary in length. When we're actively managing your battery we'll either direct your battery to discharge energy to power your home (with excess being supplied to the grid), charge it from either your solar system or the grid, or hold its state of charge steady.
Do I need to install anything?
You won't need to install any additional hardware. Providing you have a compatible battery, AGL's Virtual Power Plant can be added on to a range of existing or new AGL electricity plans.  
Will my AGL solar feed-in tariff be affected?
When you supply energy back to the grid, you’ll continue to receive your AGL feed-in tariff as per your AGL electricity plan.
Can I change my electricity plan when I'm connected to AGL's Virtual Power Plant?
You're free to switch your electricity plan at any time as there are no lock-in contracts. However, you must remain on an AGL electricity plan in order to connect to our virtual power plant. 
My solar battery isn't listed. Can I join?

We’re not quite ready to sign up all solar batteries, other than Tesla Powerwall 2 or an LG Chem RESU with either the SolarEdge StorEdge inverter or SolarEdge inverter with HD-Wave technology.

Let us know if you have a different battery or inverter type and we'll work hard to include it in AGL's Virtual Power Plant in the future. Email us anytime at