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Store solar energy to use when the sun's not shining.

Help lower your energy bills

Use less from the grid, and see the benefits on your bills.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our solar batteries are certified carbon neutral by Climate Active.

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Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of solar batteries working together to take pressure off the grid. Discover how you can reduce your bills and contribute to creating a future with more renewable and affordable energy.

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Certified carbon neutral

Our solar batteries and solar battery bundles are certified carbon neutral by Climate Active. That means we'll offset the carbon emissions associated with the supply, install and delivery of your system. We do this by purchasing credits from accredited projects that reduce emissions.

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The more you learn about solar batteries the more intriguing their energy becomes. Add to your research by reading articles, or learn a thing or two from our community of solar battery owners.

How does solar battery storage work?

Solar panels are a great start, but they can't power your home when the sun isn't shining. That’s where a solar battery can help.

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The future’s bright for solar home battery owners

Whatever your reasons for investing in a home battery system, here's how to unlock even more value.

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*AGL holds Climate Active carbon neutral certification for the provision of your solar and/or solar battery system. By purchasing this system from AGL you are offsetting the carbon emissions from the supply and install of your system with carbon credits sourced from accredited projects in Australia and globally. The charge for the certified system is included in the total solar and/or solar battery system price. Our carbon neutral certification does not apply to the energy supplied or consumed from the system, or any connection of the system to the distribution network.