Join our connected network of home solar batteries

Our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a network of solar batteries that can be remotely managed to help take pressure off the grid. So you could help lower energy prices long term, while keeping your bill down. 

Bring your own solar battery

Connect your existing eligible solar battery to our VPP and earn quarterly and bonus credits towards your AGL electricity bill. 

Buy a solar battery

Get the most out of your solar system by adding a solar battery. Store excess energy to power your home when the sun’s not shining and support the grid through our VPP.

Benefits of a connected solar battery

See how smart you can get with your energy and make the most of your rooftop solar. 

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    Store and save

    Power your home with more of your stored solar energy and see how you can save on your electricity bill.

  • Support the grid

    Allow your solar battery to be remotely managed and help the grid during times of need. 

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    Be part of a solution

    Help transition to a cleaner, more affordable energy future.

Powering up for our energy future

AGL is leading the charge when it comes to harnessing the power of battery technology, and we've made big investments already.

Solar batteries: the next frontier
Connected solar batteries are changing the way we use and store solar power, and helping to boost energy reliability for the community.
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Charging up an energy mix
We're using large-scale solar batteries to help improve power security and reliability.
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Say hello to the community
Connect with other AGL Virtual Power Plant members across the country.
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