You could save on your AGL electricity bill, or help your friends and family save on theirs. You can also reward other AGL Solar Exchange members for going solar and helping the environment.

It’s free to join, so sign up today and start making the most of the sun.*

Buy or sell your way to solar savings

AGL Solar Exchange is a free trial that aims to help Victorians harness the power of the sun to manage their energy bills.^

AGL Solar Exchange measures how much solar energy participating homes export to the grid, which can then be traded in the form of Solar Tokens.

If you already have a solar system you could maximise your rooftop investment or share savings with others by selling your Solar Tokens on AGL Solar Exchange.

Don’t have panels installed? You could still save with solar by buying Solar Tokens from those who do.


*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply. You must be an AGL electricity customer on a Market Contract or willing to make the switch in order to participate. This offer is subject to change and may expire without notice. ^Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Click on ‘Become a Buyer’ or ‘Become a Seller’ to learn if you’re eligible to participate. Friends and family must be eligible to participate in the AGL Solar Exchange trial.

Join AGL Solar Exchange

Become a Seller
Already have solar panels installed? Learn how you could help maximise your investment by trading the solar you export to the grid as Solar Tokens.
Become a Buyer
No solar panels? No worries. Learn more about how buying Solar Tokens on AGL Solar Exchange could help you earn savings on your AGL energy bill.