Range EVlink
Product name EVlink Smart Wallbox
Product or component type Charging station
Device short name EVB1
Poles description 3P + N for power circuit
1P + N for power circuit
 Mounting mode Pedestal mount
 Offer type  Standard
 [Us] rated supply voltage 380...415 V AC 50/60 Hz
220...240 V C 50/60 Hz
 Nominal output power 7.4 kW 32 A
22 kW 32 A
Access control system Key


Socket outlet type T2S
Socket number 1
Output type Right side T2 with shutter socket-outlet / silver plated contacts
Earthing system TT
Compatible IT with additional isolation transformer on the power supply
Number of inputs 6
 Connector type RS485 for metering Modbus
3 RJ45 for Ethernet LAN connection 
 Input type Binary power limitation closing contract
Binary delayed charging closing contract 
Control type  1 remote control
1 illuminated push-button multi-colour stop/restart 
Local signalling   1 LED multi-colour function: status indication
Communication port protocol   OCPP 1.5
Operating mode   Standalone
 Clustered architecture
Function available  Charge detail records
Load management
Diagnosis capabilities 
 Web server Embedded 
Ethernet service Configuration via web server