The installation process

  • 1. Arrival time

    On the day of install, the installation team will arrive at your home at approximately 8am. Your installation manager will introduce themselves to you and be your primary point of contact throughout the day. If you have any questions during the day, you can always speak to your installation manager or call AGL’s customer service team directly on 1300 356 363, 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday.

    Please ensure there is clear access from your driveway to the installation location as this will allow the install team to work more efficiently and reduce the total installation time.

  • 2. Removing your Sunverge battery

    The installation team will de-energise and remove your Sunverge battery and patch any small holes that are no longer needed. Your Sunverge battery will be collected by our logistics provider, and be recycled by our recycling partner according to the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative standards.

  • 3. New battery installation

    The installation team will bring your chosen battery to site with them and install it in the location agreed during the site inspection. The installation and electrical configuration typically takes between 4-6 hours.

  • 4. Electrical connection

    Once the battery is in place, the installation team will complete the electrical connection to your switchboard. For your installers’ safety, power to your home will need to be switched off while they work on the switchboard. For typical installations, the power is usually turned off for approximately 1-2 hours.

    Your installation manager can give you updates on the estimated time of power reconnection at any time – feel free to check in!

  • 5. Completion

    Depending on the complexity of your install, the installation team will generally be finished by early to mid-afternoon. After testing, your installation manager will let you know that the energy storage system installation is complete. You’ll be given a brief overview of how it operates, and how to switch the energy storage system off in the event of an emergency.

    Your installers will remove any rubbish from the site before they leave.

  • 6. Safety information

    You will be provided with a user manual specific to your battery that includes key safety details and information about how to use your energy storage system.

    In approximately 2-4 weeks you will receive your Customer Manual, which will include testing and commissioning information for your records.

  • 7. Monitoring your energy storage system

    Following the installation, you will receive an email from us reminding you of your login details for your AGL battery monitoring portal, which gives you information about how much energy is being stored by your battery.

Timings are approximate based on a typical installation, and provided for guidance only.