By using this App, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Accuracy of information:
    The App does not replace your actual bill. Data may be delayed by a minimum of 1 day for smart meters and may not represent your current energy usage charges. For non-smart metered accounts data may be delayed until your next bill is issued, which may be up to three months. Where your “Usage Charges” are shown, they do not include other charges, including supply charges, that will appear on your final bill.
  2. Estimations:
    AGL may use estimates to calculate your usage where actual data is not available. Estimates of your “projected bill” may vary substantially from your actual final bill depending on a number of factors outside of AGL’s control.
  3. Bill Payment:
    Bill payments may not be reflected in the App for a few days
  4. Security:
    You must keep your login details secret and ensure that you check your email for any relevant updates we may send you. If you store credit card details on your phone, please protect your security with a security code.
  5. Solar:
    Solar generation and export data is not displayed in this version of the app. Please refer to your actual bill for this data.

Future Amendments:
AGL may vary these terms at any time with notice to you. We may provide this notice using your contact details or via this App.