AGL’s Social Community ‘House Rules’

Together we can create an informative and safe environment for everyone to interact, converse, ask questions and have some fun! We’re here to help and want our community members to feel that their opinions and values are respected, so we have some simple ‘house rules’ to be followed on our social channels.

Keep private information in the private space- we want you to stay safe online, so for anything that requires us knowing your account details, please send them in a Private Message (rather than on our timeline) and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

Respect the community- we encourage debate and engaging discussion between our community members, but the moment it gets personal or language is offensive, we’ll step in.

When we’re likely to step in- we endeavour to leave all content and posts as they were published, however in an effort to foster a friendly and appropriate online environment for these contributions to be made and viewed, we will moderate:

  • Offensive, abusive, misleading, deceptive or otherwise inappropriate posts – this includes copyrighted material.
  • Off topic or duplicate (multi-posting) / spam content.
  • Links to external or unauthorised pages that are deemed inappropriate.
  • In an effort to protect privacy (i.e. removing confidential personal details posted publicly)

If our ‘house rules’ have been broken, we will make the person posting the comment aware of this and they will be warned once. If the behaviour continues, a ban from our community will be put in place. For highly offensive content and where deemed necessary, we reserve the right to issue an instant ban. Don’t worry – we value all manner of feedback and as long as your comment doesn’t breach our house rules, it will be posted as is.

Other important links:

In addition, all content needs to be in line with Facebook’s Terms of Use.

And adhere to AGL’s Privacy Policy and other terms of use.