The AGL Community Guidelines

Welcome to The AGL Community!

The AGL Community is a dedicated online forum where you can share, discuss and learn about all things energy. We created the online community in an effort to make finding information and solutions easier – by people just like you. We want you to feel at all times that your thoughts and opinions matter and are respected, which is why we have some simple ‘house rules’ to be followed by all of our community members.

House rules

Keep private information private – we want you to stay safe online. Our team of moderators and community managers will never ask for your private information in public.

Respect the community – we encourage debate and engaging discussion between our community members, but the moment it gets personal or offensive, we’ll step in. We encourage our community members to report any abuse to the The AGL Community team.

Contribute to the community – ensure you search the community before asking a specific question as it may have already been answered. Make sure your discussion remains relevant to the topic being discussed and give thanks when you have a good experience! You can also reward people with Kudos.

When we’re likely to step in – we endeavour to leave all content and posts as they were published, however in an effort to foster a friendly and appropriate online environment for these contributions to be made and viewed, our team may modify posts that fit the following criteria:

  • Offensive, abusive, misleading, deceptive or otherwise inappropriate posts – this includes copyrighted material.
  • Off topic or duplicate (multi-posting) / spam content.
  • Links to external or unauthorised pages that are considered inappropriate.
  • In an effort to protect privacy.
  • In any other situation where our team deem it necessary.

Moderation overview

  1. All comments or posts submitted via the The AGL Community website are reviewed by a moderator.
  2. Moderators will ensure that user comments are relevant and appropriate, and may take any steps they deem necessary to ensure content meets our guidelines.
  3. Our team also reserve the right to limit access to the community by temporarily or permanently banning a user from it. Don’t worry – we value all manner of feedback and discussion, and as long as you follow the house rules, your posts will be published ‘as is’. We aim to review all content within 48 hours.

Your use of the The AGL Community website

Your use of the The AGL Community website is also governed by the The AGL Community Terms of Use and AGL Energy’s Privacy Policy.

In addition to these, all AGL Energy employees participating in The AGL Community should be aware of and agree to be bound by AGL Energy’s Social Media Policy.

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