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Exit Fee

Your AGL fixed term energy plan may include an Exit Fee. If you end your contract with us during the initial Fixed Benefit Period, you may be charged this fee which covers our administration costs and any incentive you received as part of your plan. See the terms of your Offer and our General Terms for details of whether an Exit Fee applies.

Gas Conversion Factor

To calculate your gas charges, we use a Gas Conversion Factor. This means converting gas from the units on your meter (cubic metres) into the units on which you are billed (megajoules or MJ). This calculation uses figures from your Distributor, who is responsible for the gas pipes and meters in your area, and takes into consideration the factors that affect gas (including cubic metres, plus changes in gas pressure and outside temperature).

Supply Charge

A supply charge is a fixed fee your energy provider charges to supply electricity or gas to your property, and is not related to your usage. It covers administration costs and the cost charged by your Distributor who is responsible for the poles, wires, pipes and meters in your area. To arrive at the supply charge on your bill, we multiply the daily rate by the number of days your energy is supplied.

Pro-rata Billing

Pro-rata billing means being charged for a proportion of your bill, and happens when our energy rates change during your billing cycle. So, if the new rate begins on day 20 of a 30 day month, there are 10 pro-rated days. To work out your bill, we calculate your daily average energy use from your last bill up to your new meter reading. From this, we can work out your usage on both old rates and new rates, which are added together to make up your bill.



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