Save more with a solar battery energy plan

Get low off-peak rates with an energy plan designed for solar battery owners.

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How do I save with Solar Battery Saver?

Prepare for those days when you don’t have enough solar energy to fully charge your solar battery. Solar Battery Saver is a new time-of-use energy plan that offers low off-peak and shoulder rates. It allows solar batteries with intelligent software to charge from the grid when it’s cheaper, ready to use during peak periods. Avoid paying peak energy rates and start saving more on your electricity bill.

What’s included with the Solar Battery Saver energy plan?

Solar Battery Saver

7% less than the reference price

$1,393 incl. GST

Annual estimated cost for a household using 3,900 kWh on a time-of-use tariff in the Ausgrid network

Plan Includes
$25 sign-up credit
Low off-peak and shoulder rates
Variable rates
12-month energy plan period
5c/kWh solar feed-in tariff (variable)
Flexible billing options
No lock-in contract or exit fees
24/7 customer support

Add Climate Active-certified Carbon Neutral for $1 per week  

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Plan conditions

Basic Plan Information Document

How does Solar Battery Saver work?

  • To access low rates on the Solar Battery Saver energy plan, you need to set up time-based control, or time-of-use mode, via your solar battery manufacturer’s app.

  • When your solar battery is switched to time-based control, it can be programmed to automatically charge during off-peak times when rates are lower.

  • Your solar battery software learns your energy habits and can forecast your energy usage and solar production ahead of time.

  • This allows your solar battery to learn when to charge using solar or low-cost energy and to reduce your usage during peak periods.

Am I eligible to join?

Solar Battery Saver is available to eligible residential customers in New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland who own a solar battery. Don’t have a solar battery? Check out our latest solar battery offers.

To join Solar Battery Saver you must have:

A smart meter configured to a time-of-use network tariff
A solar system connected to an eligible solar battery capable of time-based control

Why choose Solar Battery Saver?

Save on your energy bill

You’ve got the power to save more. Set up your solar battery to charge using off-peak and shoulder rates, and save on your energy bill.

Maximise your solar returns

Get more value out of your solar battery and see the return on your investment sooner.

Benefit from a smart solution

Your solar battery does the hard work for you, using smart software that learns when to charge to help you save.

Save on our Virtual Power Plant

Be rewarded for joining a growing network of solar batteries working together to reduce pressure on the grid. Add VPP onto any electricity plan. Connect my solar battery

Track your power 24/7

Keep an eye on the performance of your solar and solar battery system as well as your energy usage at any time. Find support, pay your bills, manage your account all in one place. Get the App


If you already have a smart meter that is on a time-of-use network tariff, call us on 131 245 to sign up to the Solar Battery Saver energy plan. 

  1. Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a confirmation pack outlining your new time-of-use rates.
  2. Update your solar battery settings using the app (the manufacturer app not the AGL app) with your new time-of-use tariff details.

Terms and conditions

AGL Solar Battery Saver: 
Offer only available to eligible residential customers in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, where AGL operates. To be eligible for the Solar Battery Saver plan you must have a solar battery installed at the supply address, and a smart meter configured to a time of use tariff for the duration of the energy plan. Customers with meters configured to a single rate tariff must agree to reconfigure their meter to a time of use tariff to be eligible for this plan. AGL will submit a request to your distributor to change your tariff, which typically is completed within 20 business days but may take longer if a site visit is required, and may incur a fee. Your AGL Confirmation Pack will include the rates that will apply until the meter is reconfigured to a time of use tariff. Customers will receive information about the new time of use rates once meter reconfiguration is completed. 

This energy plan is part of an ongoing market contract with a 12-month energy plan period. At the end of your energy plan period, we may notify you to let you know about new rates and benefits that apply. If we don’t contact you, your plan will continue for a further 12 months. We’ll notify you of any changes before the energy plan end date. You’re free to change your plan at any time. No exit fee will apply if you leave this plan before the end of the energy plan period. 

Rates and charges:
 The rates, charges and solar feed-in tariffs under this energy plan are variable and can change with notice to you at any time. These rates will differ from AGL’s published variable rates and other rates that AGL may offer from time to time (including under the same plan name). 

Sign-up credit: 
The sign-up credit is GST inclusive and reduces the price of supply of electricity. Credits are non-transferrable. AGL may limit customers from receiving more than one sign-up credit in a 12-month period. 

Solar battery compatibility: 
Your solar battery may not be capable of optimisation with your time of use tariff. Please consult your solar battery manufacturer or retailer to discuss the capabilities of your specific hardware.

Solar feed-in tariffs: The solar feed-in tariff under this energy plan is variable and can change with notice to you at any time. To be eligible for AGL’s solar feed-in-tariff, the inverter capacity of your solar system must not exceed, or must be export limited to 10kW, and you must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any government scheme. Read the full solar feed-in tariff terms.