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How a solar battery bundle works

A solar battery bundle includes everything you need to get started: solar panels, a solar battery, a solar inverter and the option to join our Virtual Power Plant (VPP). 

Get up to $1,000 off the upfront cost when you join our VPP, a connected network of solar batteries that help take pressure off the grid.

Compare the cost of a solar battery bundle 

Choosing from one of our ready-made solar battery bundles is an easy way to get started with solar. If you need a hand, chat to us about tailoring a bundle to match your energy needs. Currently, we only install solar battery bundles within 100km of your state’s capital CBD.

Premium bundle


Bundle includes
Tesla Powerwall solar battery
6.60kW Solar PV system
Fronius Primo inverter
Tesla Powerwall features
  • 13.5 kWh usable capacity*
  • Fully integrated Tesla inverter
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Backup power available
  • Wall or floor mounted^
  • Indoor or outdoor installation^
  • 10-year warranty
  • Certified Carbon Neutral+
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Tesla Powerwall details

Solar panel and inverter details

Standard bundle


Bundle Includes
Sungrow High Voltage Battery
6.60kW Solar PV system
Sungrow 5.0kVA High voltage hybrid inverter
Sungrow High Voltage Battery features
  • 9.6 kWh usable capacity*
  • High voltage hybrid inverter
  • Modular lithium-ion battery
  • Backup power available
  • Floor mounted^
  • Indoor or outdoor installation^
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Certified Carbon Neutral+
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Sungrow High Voltage Battery details

Solar panel and inverter details

Price includes~

  • $1,000 off the upfront cost of your bundle when you sign up to our VPP for five years. Exit fees apply.
  • Standard installation costs.#
  • Costs for customers who live within 50 km of the state capital CBD.

*Usable capacity - Battery capacity is measured at the battery module DC terminals. Losses associated with further system conversion may vary.
^Wall, indoor or outdoor installation - A detailed site inspection may be required and will be conducted by AGL to assess your home’s individual suitability for a wall installation and indoor or outdoor installation.
#Installation and administration costs include GST. AGL credit and battery rebates do not include GST.
Travel charges apply to customers who live more than 50 km of the state capital CBD

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Why choose a solar battery bundle with us?

Save money

We'll give you up to $1,000 off the upfront cost of your solar battery bundle just for connecting it to our Virtual Power Plant.

Get support when you need it

You'll get a five-year parts and labour warranty on your bundle. Plus, our Australia-based solar battery experts are here to support you, drawing on AGL's 180 years of experience.

Certified Carbon Neutral

Our solar and solar battery systems include Carbon Neutral, certified by Climate Active. That means we’ll purchase carbon credits from projects to offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the supply, delivery and installation of your system.

Understanding our Virtual Power Plant

Discover all you need to know about our VPP, from how you'll be helping to drive down energy costs to how we'll reward you for joining. Discover our VPP.

Track your power 24/7

Check the performance of your solar and battery system, and keep an eye on your energy bill – anytime, anywhere. All in the AGL App or My Account.

Questions? We have answers.

You're free to switch your electricity plan at any time. However, you must remain on an AGL electricity plan in order to connect to our VPP. If you leave AGL during the 5-year term, you just have to repay the upfront AGL credit of $1,000 on a pro rata basis.

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VPP Mechanics

I’m approaching my first year with AGL’s VPP plan and have been watching it at work as activity has gradually increased and the reasons why and when it activated become clearer in terms of weather etc. So far as it’s possible for me to see there have been only grid to battery direct interventions, no battery direct to grid. I’ve read the VPP contract and don’t have any fears about it. It’s easy to buy out if the situation ever arises and the limits on what AGL can do are clearly set out. It’s not compulsory, locked in or whatever, and better than that it’s possible to see how it can work to the mutual benefit of the parties. Now I’m seeking to confirm some more details of the game, things that I’ve assumed so far are the way they are in the contract on the basis of fairness, and my own cross check calculations using daily results recorded from AGL Accounts, and monitoring data via the Tesla App and the website provided by the supplier of panels and inverter. I’ve got a time of day rate contract for energy supplied, - peak, shoulder and off peak, plus a feed in rate below the off peak supply rate. Once again, as far as it’s possible for me to be sure, significant direct grid to battery events have always happened during night time off peak and cross checking from a couple of directions suggests the supply into the battery is provided at the off peak supply rate. The strategy seems clearly one of making sure that on days of low panel energy generation the battery will be close, or at least much closer than it might otherwise have been to full when the morning shoulder supply rate begins, also with a good chance of getting through to the evening off peak begins when another battery VPP top up commences. I’m pleased to report that the strategy seems to work. In mutual benefit context the negative to me of getting power during off peak VPP events that can and does occasionally mean a burst of sun during the ensuing day can see me selling one or two kWh back to the grid at about a third less than I paid. The positive for me is that I am almost never in a situation of having to significantly access daytime peak supply rates and not very often called on to use shoulder rate supply either. Until I get some good information from AGL on how much the VPP trial is costing and benefitting me in reasonably quantified terms I’m not ready to declare trial over and count me in, so I’d like to hear from you AGL about the validity of my assumptions and how realistic my impressions of experience are of VPP operation with what you see of my account from your side. Whether or not AGL respond and how generous they are with information I’d very much like to hear from any other member of this VPP Community. I am already encouraged by some of the contributions but understand the more cautious approaches others have. Thank you in anticipation.

user avatar Updated: Apr 2023 SOLVED

+ Carbon Neutral, certified by Climate Active, is included in the total solar battery price. When you purchase a solar battery from us, we’ll purchase offsets from projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions. This helps offset emissions associated with the supply, delivery and installation of your system. Carbon Neutral does not apply to the energy supplied or consumed from the system, or any connection of the system to the distribution network.

Eligibility criteria applies. Offer is limited. AGL reserves the right to extend the offer and the offer may be subject to change or expiry without notice. View terms and conditions.