"Hey Google, ask AGL to extend my bill"

With the Google Assistant you can set a timer while you're cooking dinner, hear the weather forecast while you're getting ready or turn on your favourite music from the other room. With the AGL Action for the Google Assistant, you can now manage your AGL Account without lifting a finger.

Connect your AGL account now

"Hey Google, talk to AGL"

You can connect the Google Assistant to your smart lights, plugs, TVs and more to make your life easier in more ways. With the AGL Action for the Google Assistant, AGL customers can check their current account balances, bill due dates, switch to e-billing or ask for an energy saving tip and much more.

How to connect your AGL account

Find AGL on Google Assistant

Open your Google Assistant app, tap 'Explore', then search for 'AGL'.

Link your AGL account

When you've located the AGL Action, tap 'link' then log in using your AGL online services email and password.

Say "Hey Google, talk to AGL"

After successfully linking your account, you can ask AGL about your account balance, bills, and even set energy usage alerts (digital meter customers only).

Connect your AGL account now

Need help? "Ask AGL"

After you've connected the AGL Action, you'll be able to use voice commands to manage your account. To start, say "Hey Google, ask AGL" followed by any of the following commands.

  • What's my account balance?
  • To switch me to e-billing
  • For a payment extension
  • How much energy am I using?
  • What are my energy insights?

Frequently asked questions

The AGL Action

The AGL Action has been created to help our customers who have a Google Home or other Google Assistant-enabled device to get information about their AGL energy account quickly and easily.

Simply speak to your device and say, "Hey Google, talk to AGL" and ask questions like:

  • "What's my account balance?"
  • "What's my bill amount?"
  • "When's my payment due?"
  • "What's my electricity cost to date?" (smart meter customers only)

You can also switch to e-billing and request a payment extension.

Over time, more and more AGL capabilities will be added, making the Google Assistant an even more convenient way to connect with AGL.

Google Assistant may not be able to answer your questions because the question you are asking is currently not part of the AGL Action. AGL will review customer feedback and requests for additional voice features and update the AGL Action with new features. Your feedback is important to us. If you'd like to provide feedback on the AGL Action, please join the AGL Community or email us at googlesupport@agl.com.au.

When we update the AGL Action with new features or enhancements you'll be able to see the update in Google Assistant in addition to Google Action customers receiving an email with important updates (provided we have your consent).

Have you set up the AGL Action? If not, follow the instructions on this page.

Have you tried to invoke the AGL Action by saying "Hey Google, talk to AGL…”

You can ask the following types of questions:

  • “Hey Google, talk to AGL, what’s my account balance?”
  • “Hey Google, talk to AGL, what’s my bill amount?”
  • “Hey Google, talk to AGL, when’s my payment due?”
  • “Hey Google, talk to AGL, what's my current usage cost?” (For customers with smart meters only.)

If the AGL Action is still not working, please check if any other Google Actions you have linked to your device work. If this only affects the AGL Action, please try unlinking your account and linking it again.

Any payments submitted before 6pm AEST will usually reach your account by the next business day. Any payments submitted after 6pm AEST will take up to 2 business days to reach your account. If you've paid your outstanding bills in full, you can disregard any payment information provided by via the AGL Action.

If you have multiple energy products or supply addresses as part of your customer account, then you’ll be able to access all of them via the AGL Action, if they are all linked to the one My Account.

To check what products or supply addresses you have linked to your customer number, log into AGL My Account.

The AGL Action can only be linked to one My Account.


Set up and use

It's easy to link your AGL account to your Google Assistant. See above for step by step instructions and a demo video. 

If you're having any trouble, you can also get help here.


AGL Energy Alerts

Setting up an Energy Alert is easy and can be done at any time, if you have a digital meter installed at your home. Just say, “Hey Google, ask AGL to set an Energy Alert” and respond to the voice prompts to set up the alert. To set up through the Google Assistant app: tap your Account Icon (top right) > 'Assistant' tab > 'Assistant devices' > tap device > Notifications

To set an Energy Alert you must be an AGL electricity customer with a digital meter installed in your home. 

Please remember this is an estimate and doesn't include some discounts and charges, which may be applied to your final bill.

Bill amount is the whole bill amount for the billing period. Usage refers to the cost to date at the time of asking.

Yes, you can set an Energy Alert for each property you have. The Google Assistant will prompt you to select the property address you wish to set the alert for.

Yes. You can change your Energy Alert target at any time. Simply say, "Hey Google, ask AGL to change my Energy Alert."

Yes, you can access your alerts and notifications for 24 hours. To access your notifications, simply say "Hey Google, ask AGL to read my notifications".

You can check your Energy Alert by saying "Hey Google, ask AGL what’s my Energy Alert?" If you have already set your Energy Alert it will let you know and will ask if you would like to update it.


Privacy and data security

At AGL we take privacy seriously. Steps we take to secure your personal information include that we seek to only provide Google with information that is necessary to answer your question or use the Action. For example, you'll notice that data, such as your personal address, is not provided fully. It's still your responsibility to ensure that Google Assistant can't be heard by anyone else, so remember to be aware of who is around who could use Google Assistant or around you when you ask Google Assistant for your information. We use end to end encryption to protect your data.

AGL is always working to have appropriate measures in place to protect your personal information. We take steps in accordance with the Guide to Personal Information published by the Office of the Information Commissioner, to secure our systems and the personal information we collect. We also share non-personal information about how people use our websites with security service providers to ensure that our websites are protected. For more information about how we protect and manage your personal information see our privacy policy. When you use the Google Assistant Device, Google will also collect and use your data and personal information and this information collection and use will be governed by Google's privacy policy and its additional terms of use.

Google has a help page here.

AGL Google Assistant Terms and Conditions.