AGL Night Saver EV plan

Save while you sleep with our Night Saver EV plan

Charge your EV for only 8c/kWh overnight between 12 and 6am.

Charge an EV for as low as $5* at night when you sign up to our Night Saver EV plan. It’s our exclusive, great value electricity plan for electric vehicle drivers that’s supporting Australians to live more sustainably.

*Estimated charging cost based on a Tesla Electric Vehicle Model 3/Y RWD standard range with a 62kWh usable battery and a usage rate of 8c/kWh applicable from 12 to 6am. The charging cost may be greater for other Electric Vehicle types or battery sizes. The EV Night saver rate is variable and may change with written notice to you.

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Everything you need to know about our Night Saver EV plan

If you’re on a single rate tariff you can sign up to our Night Saver EV plan, provided you have a digital meter. You’ll get the Night Saver EV rate from 12am-6am and keep a single General Usage rate at all other times of the day. The General Usage rate will depend on where you live, so refer to the above 'Our Rates’ section of this page to see the rate for where you live. 

If you do not have a digital meter and want to sign up to the Night Saver EV plan, you’ll need to upgrade your meter. Please note that if you upgrade to a digital meter, your local electricity distributor may update your property's network tariff, which could change the tariff type you receive from AGL. 

If you’re already on a Time of Use (TOU) tariff, you can still sign up to our Night Saver EV plan. Your existing TOU tariff usage windows will remain, outside of the 12am-6am Night Saver EV rate. These times depend on where you live, and who your network distributor is.

Our Night Saver EV plan is only available to customers who drive an EV. To be considered an EV driver if you or a member of your household either owns an EV, has an EV subscription with AGL, or has an EV that is registered in the name of a business to which you or a member of your household have an association. For full details of this you can refer to the plan T&Cs on this page.

You don't need a dedicated EV charger in order to get the plan, but if you do have one, that's fine too.

You need a digital meter (also known as smart meter, interval meter or comms meter) to sign up to the Night Saver EV plan so we can accurately measure your energy usage during the 12am-6am off-peak EV charging period. 

If you don’t have a digital meter, you can arrange to have one installed. In most cases, this meter upgrade is free and will take around 15 business days.  

Your EV will not show up separately on your bill unless your EV is individually metered. There's no way for us to separate the usage from your overall household consumption. Your EV won’t currently show up on your ‘energy insights’ report but stay tuned as we’re working to include this in the future.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions, you can call us on 131 245, 8:30am-5pm AEST/AEDT.