AGL Electric Vehicle plan

Unlock even more value with an EV plan

Get bonus credits with a home electricity plan for electric vehicle owners to help lower your charging costs.

A special offer for electric vehicle owners

We're passionate about creating a sustainable future in Australia - that's why we've launched a home electricity plan exclusively for electric vehicle owners. If you own an EV, you could get bonus credits on your home electricity bill. And, you can choose to add Carbon Neutral for just $1 a week.

Award winning innovation

Our Electric Vehicle plan received a 2020 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for innovation in the energy industry.

Canstar Blue recognised our offer for being the power plan available in the market that allowed electric vehicle owners to make the most out of their investment while taking the pressure off EV running costs.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the plan is only available to customers who own at least one EV. You’ll need to provide your vehicle registration number as well as the make and model when signing up.

No, the credit value is the same regardless of the amount of EVs you own.

No, unless your EV is individually metered, there's no way for us to separate the usage from your overall household consumption.

Not currently, however we're working to include this in energy insights reports in future.

Yes, a smart/digital meter is not required to access this plan.

No, you do not need a dedicated EV charger in order to get the plan, but if you do have one - that's fine too.

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