AGL offers solar plans for New South Wales customers – both those who have a solar PV system on their roof and those who are looking to go solar. 

If you already have a solar system and are with another electricity company, you can switch to AGL with an easy 3-step process.

If you're looking at going solar for the first time, our AGL solar experts can tailor a solar system to suit your lifestyle and energy needs, plus you could go solar without any of the upfront costs. Find out more about AGL’s smart solar solution.

Savers Energy Plan
discounts off usage charges


15% Pay on Time Discount

You'll get this discount off your usage charges for the length of the Energy Plan Period if you pay on time and for the full amount. The Pay on Time Discount will appear as a credit on your next bill. Your usage charges are calculated using our market rates, which may vary.

$50 online sign up credit

To start off, when you sign up online we’ll give you a once-off credit on your first AGL bill issued under this plan. Only available on gas and electricity accounts that have not received a once-off credit in the previous 12 months. The credit amount stated is GST inclusive and reduces the price of the supply of electricity and/or gas. The once-off credit is not transferrable.

Contract details

12 month Energy Plan Period

No exit fees

Retailer feed-in tariff


A feed-in tariff is the rate paid for any electricity your solar PV system feeds into the grid. The rate which is paid varies depending on your state and whether you are eligible for a government feed-in tariff or not. These rates can change from time to time without notice and you will be provided with the relevant feed-in tariff that applies on the date your solar PV system is commissioned or with your quote when you change energy plans.

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*Applies to residential customers only.