• Prepay for electricity and receive bonus credit – the more you prepay, the more bonus credit you receive*
  • Prepayments cover total billable amount, this includes both usage and supply charges
  • More control over when and how much you pay
  • Track payments and usage through the AGL Energy App or My Account
  • $50 online sign-up credit if eligible†

How does it work?

The more you prepay the more bonus credit you could receive*

Plan details

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    Monthly account statements

    We will keep you updated with information including total monthly spend and bonus credits received

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    Email and SMS notifications to alert you when you're running low

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    Credit doesn't expire

    Top up as much or as little as you like and your credit won't expire while you remain on the Prepaid Plan^

AGL Prepaid FAQs

General Queries
Making Payments
Bonus Credit

How many days will a top up last me?

Every household is different, so it will vary. You can monitor your energy use and your account balance online through the App or in My Account.

Can the energy rates change on my plan?

Yes. Your energy plan rates are able to be varied by AGL.

Can I have Prepaid on my gas account?

Not at this stage. Prepaid is currently only available for electricity. Because your electricity meter is digital, it sends us the daily information we need to keep your prepaid balance up to date in real time. Daily gas reads aren’t available as the meters aren’t digital.

Can I keep my existing energy plan and sign up to Prepaid as well?

No. Prepaid is a new electricity energy plan that will replace the one you’re on if you take up the Prepaid plan.

Why cant I have Prepaid?

Prepaid is a new offering currently available to a portion of our residential customers with digital electricity meters in Victoria. While we’re getting started, we’ve limited who it’s available to so we can get it 100% right before it’s available nationally.
If any of the following applies to you, it’s likely Prepaid isn’t available to you yet:

  • I don’t have a digital electricity meter
  • I’m not a Victorian customer
  • I’m a small/large business customer
  • I would like Prepaid for my gas account
  • I’m a residential customer but my property is listed under a business name and/or our property has a business meter

We’re hoping to roll out Prepaid to many more customers in the future.

Will I still receive my Double Up Discount with Prepaid?

Yes. If your electricity and gas accounts are with AGL, you’ll get the Double Up discount on your gas account.

Can I revert to my previous energy plan if I don't like Prepaid?

If you find that Prepaid doesn’t suit your needs, you’re welcome to change plans without any penalty. Whilst your previous energy plan may not be available again, you can easily switch to an alternative AGL plan that is available that works better for you. Any prepaid credit amounts can be transferred to your new energy plan but your bonus credits cannot be.

Do I get flybuys points if I'm on Prepaid?

Yes, you’ll earn flybuys points for top ups you make on your prepaid account, not including any bonus credit amounts you receive.

When should I top up my account?

We’ll send you email and/or SMS alerts to help you keep on top of your account balance and get the most out of your Prepaid Energy Plan. It’s a good idea to top up before your account reaches $0. By doing this you’ll always keep your account in credit and that will help you maximise the bonus credits you can receive for the payments you make.

What happens if my prepaid balance runs out?

You’ll get emails and/or SMS alerts when your balance starts to run low. If your balance dips below $0, you’ll no longer be in credit. To get you back on track with your Prepaid plan, you’ll need to make a payment to cover any outstanding balance and make a top up.

What happens if I fall behind on a prepayment?

If your account dips into a debit position, you can top it up to get back into a credit position. If your account remains in a debit position, you’ll be billed for any outstanding amounts, following normal billing arrangements. Just note also that standard collection processes may apply.

Do I have to be on monthly billing?

Yes. You’ll get a monthly bill from us, but if your account is always in credit, then there’s no need to pay your bill.

How do I make payments?

You can top up online or over the phone, with a credit or debit card, BPAY or in person at any Post Office. You’ll find all the details on each of these options at the rear of your bill.

For quick, easy top ups and account access 24/7, download the AGL App or head to My Account.

Do Centrepay payments count as a prepayment?

Yes, any payments made through your Centrepay arrangement count and are eligible for bonus credits should the payment amount meet the bonus criteria.

Can I get all concessions I am currently entitled to when I am on a Prepaid Plan?

Yes. Any concessions you are eligible for will be applied to your monthly bill. A concession discount won’t be treated as a payment (or a top up), so bonus credits won’t be calculated factoring in those amounts.

I'm using Direct Debit. Do I need to top up?

Yes. Direct Debit isn’t available for Prepaid top ups at the moment, however, if your account is in debit and becomes a billed amount, then the bill will be paid using your Direct Debit arrangement.

Can I have bill smoothing with Prepaid?

Bill smoothing isn’t currently available with Prepaid. The benefit of Prepaid is that you have full control of when and how you top up to try and maximise your benefits (bonus credits) under the plan.

What happens to any unused bonus credits, do they expire?

Any unused bonus credits you’ve earnt stays on your Prepaid electricity account, and they don’t expire.

Can my bonus credits be refunded or transferred?

No, your bonus credits remain on your Prepaid electricity account and can’t be refunded or transferred to another account.

Can the bonus credit amounts change on my plan?

Your bonus credit structure is locked in for the duration of your energy plan term.

I signed up online to get the $50 credit offer, do I get a bonus on that credit?

No, bonus credits can only be earned when you make a prepayment.

I have two properties and I'd like to transfer my solar credit to my Prepaid account. do I get a bonus?

No, bonus credits can only be earned on amounts you have paid.

*Bonus credits will apply according to the Plan’s bonus structure to prepayments exceeding $50 made in a single transaction. The maximum value of bonus credits able to be earned for any single prepayment is $80.

^The AGL Prepaid Energy Plan (Plan) is only available to residential electricity customers in Victoria where AGL operates who have a fully functioning, remotely read digital meter. Additional eligibility criteria also apply. The Plan lasts for 12 months and has variable rates that AGL may vary at any time. Before your Plan ends, AGL may notify you of the bonus structure that will subsequently apply to you. All credit, including any bonus credit will remain on your account and will not expire while you remain on the Plan. Click here to view full plan terms and conditions.

†Credit (GST incl.) when you sign up online to a new electricity plan. AGL may exclude accounts that have received a once-off credit in the previous 12 months from receiving additional once-off credits. Credit will be applied to the first bill(s) issued under these plans and are not transferable.

~Your account will operate like a post-paid energy account, with no energy usage charges discounts applying.