AGL and Power2U

To support eligible businesses in Western Sydney* and enhance local grid reliability, Ausgrid's Power2U Program offers incentives to take up renewable and energy efficiency measures such as installing solar systems, available through AGL in specific areas.

Even better, any Power2U rebates are on top of any government incentives currently available.


Why AGL solar?

  • Reliable power

    AGL has the expertise and resources to support your business into the future.

  • Proudly Australian

    We've been there for Australians for 180 years and we're looking forward to what's next.

  • Ongoing sales support

    Our solar solutions for businesses are backed by long-term product and performance warranties.


Got a question about the Power2U Program or AGL Solar? Hopefully we've anticipated yours here.

When will I be contacted to discuss the suitability of this program with my business?
Usually within 48 hours of AGL receiving your enquiry.
Why am I receiving the Power2U offer?

Ausgrid's Power2U Program is an initiative that encourages customers to take up renewable energy and efficiency measures, such as installing solar systems, to provide more choice about the way they use energy while reducing costs and maximising grid efficiency benefits. AGL is participating in this program in relation to the installation of solar systems for eligible business customers.

Do I need to be an AGL customer to be eligible for the Power2U program?

No. If your business is in one of the following suburbs, you are eligible to apply for the Power2U program through AGL:

Suburb Postcode
How do I apply for the Power2U financial incentive?

Contact AGL to discuss your suitability for the program. AGL will apply for the financial incentive from Ausgrid on your behalf after assessing your suitability, including the appropriate size and design of the solar PV system based on your business and circumstances.

How much incentive will I receive?

Depending on the size of the solar PV system installed, an incentive of between $2,500 - $50,000 (excl GST) will be applied as a once off payment on a lump sum basis before taxes. Eligible customers can choose any system size from 10kW up to 200kW and receive an incentive equivalent to $250 per kW installed (excl GST). For systems larger than 200kW the maximum financial incentive remains as $50,000.

How will the incentive be applied?

The incentive will be applied upfront to the solar system price on a lump sum basis before taxes.

Can I choose to have the incentive paid in cash?

No. Funding from this program is only available via a credit or discount.

What will be the remaining cost of the solar panels after the incentive is deducted?

This will depend on the size of the solar panels installed. Our team will assess and determine the best fit for your circumstances.

Can I apply for the Ausgrid Power2U solar financial incentive across multiple accounts?

You can have multiple accounts within the defined suburbs, however there is a $50,000 cap per customer.

What’s the min/max system size I can apply for?

You can choose any system size from 10kW up to 200kW and receive an incentive equivalent to a $250 discount per kW installed (excl GST). For systems larger than 200kW the maximum financial incentive remains as $50,000.

How long after my application being approved will the solar PV system be installed?

We will advise of the target date for the installation after your application is approved. The time generally depends on the project complexity but may be impacted by factors beyond our control.

How long is the Ausgrid Power2U program incentive offer open for applicants?

The program incentive offer is open to applications until 30 November 2020.

When does the installation need to be energised (commissioned) by?

The installation needs to be energised in time to provide to AGL the evidence of the installation, commissioning and energisation of the solar photovoltaic system (this should be in the form of a Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work (CCEW)) and evidence of the total rated solar panel capacity of the installed system by 15 March 2021.

Do I have to have a specific system type installed?

Yes. AGL provides a turnkey solution taking care of the engineering design, procurement and installation of the system.

Can AGL help with installation?

AGL installs the solar PV system.

* Eligible suburbs include Bankstown (2200), Bankstown Aerodrome (2200), Chullora (2190), Condell Park (2200), Milperra (2214), Padstow (2211), Padstow Heights (2211), Revesby (2212) and Revesby Heights (2212).

^ Incentive is applied to the solar system price on a lump sum basis (one-off payment) before taxes. Receive a $250 discount per kW installed (excl GST) on system sizes between 10kW and 200kW. Limit of $50,000 in Power2U incentives per customer.