Drought Relief Assistance

Our assistance initiative could help you get back on track with your energy bills and take some pressure off running your farm or small business.

Simply complete the online application form, and you could wipe up to $1,500 (incl GST) of existing debt from your AGL Business energy account.#

Please note, this assistance package is available to 30 June 2021, unless extended or fully subscribed.

Check the criteria below to see if your farm or rural small business may be eligible for assistance.

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I am an existing AGL gas or electricity customer with an active AGL Business account*

I am a

My farm or rural small business is registered with the ATO and I have an ABN number

My farm or rural small business is or has recently been operating in a drought affected area of NSW, QLD, VIC, SA or WA

I have an outstanding debt on my AGL Business energy account^

Would you like to register for free, independent and confidential advice from our partnering financial counselling service?

#$1,500 is the total amount across gas and electricity. Amount includes GST.

*AGL Business Account: Any customer who is currently signed on to an AGL SME Energy Plan and is using less than the state based large market thresholds for energy consumption as follows: Gas < 1 TJ across all states, Elec < 100 MWh for NSW & QLD, Elec < 40 MWh for VIC, Elec < 160 MWh for SA.

^For customers that have multiple accounts, the grant will be applied to the oldest overdue debt first followed by the largest overdue debt.

Free financial counselling

With Drought Relief Assistance, you can also register for independent and confidential advice from a community based financial counselor, at no cost to you. Simply tick the relevant box on your application form and a representative will be in touch.


When will I find out if my application has been successful?
Usually within 20 business days.
How will I be notified?
Applicants will be contacted via phone call and/or email.
Can I choose which account I want the Drought Relief Assistance to be paid against?
For customers that have multiple eligible accounts, the grant will be applied to the oldest overdue debt first followed by the largest overdue debt.
How much will my payment be?
The amount of your debt relief credit will depend on the amount of overdue debt you have on your eligible AGL energy account(s), up to a maximum of $1,500 (incl GST).
How will the payment be made?
It will be applied as a credit line on a future gas or electricity bill without putting your bill(s) into credit.
For more information, please download our Drought Relief Assistance fact sheet.

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Additional Terms and Conditions:
  •  Have an active AGL account
  •  Up to a maximum of $1,500 incl GST per customer (total across gas/electricity)
  •  Maximum of 1 application per customer
  •  Cannot be applied to multiple properties
  •  Drought relief payment cannot put the customer into a credit balance
  •  Once off credit applied to the account
  •  Cannot be paid out as cash
  •  Cannot be transferred onto another contract or account
  •  Decision to award drought relief grant is at AGL’s discretion
  •  The offer for Drought Relief is available till 30th June 2021 unless fully subscribed or extended.