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Get low rates, fixed for 24 months in NSW, plus:


In electricity bonus credits
over 2 years*


In gas bonus credits
over 2 years*

Offer ends 28 February.

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*Offer available to residential customers with e-billing in NSW where AGL operates. These AGL Essentials Plus plans last for 24 months and have fixed rates that AGL will not vary for the duration of the energy plan period. These rates will differ from AGL’s published variable rates and other fixed rates that AGL may offer from time to time. AGL’s standard retail contract rates are updated periodically at agl.com.au/SRC. Bonus Credits include $100 for electricity and $100 for gas paid in 6-monthly installments over two years.

Standard Retail Contracts are also available, these are regulated contracts that have variable rates and no discounts or added benefits. To find out more about Standard Retail Contracts click here.