AGL Family & Friends Offer

Get an exclusive discount when you sign up for gas

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Sign up and unlock your AGL VIP status. Access a home gas plan for family and friends of AGL and Southern Phone employees, as well as contractors. Featuring rates lower than any other generally available AGL plan currently on offer. Use your promo code or employee ID to sign up online.

To access the offer, ask your AGL friend for the promo code.

Save with AGL nbn Saver

Get $25 a month off a new AGL nbn plan for 6 months when you have AGL energy. That’s a saving of $150 over 6 months. Add internet to your cart when you sign up for energy. Offer ends 9 May 2023. Read full terms.

VIP status explained

I own a business, is there a plan for me?
There sure is, call us on 1300 667 506 to find out more about our Family and Friends energy offer for small business customers. Unfortunately at this time, we don’t offer business plans for solar batteries, internet or mobile.

Can I have this plan at more than one address?
Yes you can sign up to this plan at multiple addresses - that's just another VIP status perk.

How can I compare the VIP offer to my current energy rates?
Enter your address and select the ‘Our rates’ tab to see the rates available on this plan. Or call us on 1300 667 506 and speak with an expert to help understand the rates available to you.
Compare these rates to your latest energy bill – and remember to keep in mind that our VIP offer rates are variable and subject to change – like all variable energy plans available.
If you’re switching to AGL from another provider, remember to check whether you need to pay your provider an exit fee.
Our team can also give you a Victorian Energy Fact Sheet or Basic Plan Information Document that has all the key details of this plan to help you decide if this plan is right for you.

How long will it take to switch to AGL?
This depends on when your next meter read is. When this is complete, you'll get your final bill from your previous provider, then written confirmation from us once the transfer is complete.

I already have an AGL plan, can I switch to the VIP offer?
Definitely! But we recommend you compare this offer to your current plan to make sure it suits your needs.

I'm a solar customer, can I sign up for this offer?
Absolutely! With your great VIP energy rates we will also provide you with a competitive solar feed-in tariff. Plus, you could also be eligible to receive a great discount on the upfront cost of a solar battery. For more information on our solar battery offer, please call us on 1300 447 465 so we can discuss your individual situation and check your eligibility.

Get on top of your energy

Shine a light on your energy usage with the AGL app. View your usage, get bill estimates, enter meter readings, pay bills and manage your account on the go. 

Explore the AGL app

Switching to AGL is simple. Sign up online and we’ll let your current provider know you're leaving. You just need:

an email address

your driver licence, Medicare card or passport

no more than 5 minutes

1AGL nbn plan 12 month offer: AGL energy customers who sign up for a new AGL nbn plan will get $35 off monthly plan fees for the first 12 months, then $15 off every month after that. Discount ends if you cancel your AGL energy. Limited time offer. Read full terms.