Excluding fees, concessions and once-off credits and adjustments. Excluding fees and once-off credits and adjustments.
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Excluding fees, concessions and once-off credits and adjustments. Excluding fees and once-off credits and adjustments.
This comparison is for electricity only.
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Let your bill do the talking

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    Upload your electricity bill

    It’ll need to be a PDF bill that’s less than six months old.

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    We will crunch some numbers

    We’ll apply our latest rates to your billed usage.

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    And generate a comparison

    You’ll get your electricity bill comparison instantly – no calls, no emails.


Magic? No, just maths.

It’s pretty simple. We take your bill, run a few calculations, and apply our competitive in-market offers to the usage you were billed for. Just upload a residential electricity bill – including solar if you have it –  that’s no more than six months old, and we’ll do the rest. 

See our FAQS for details on how this works.

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What are you waiting for?
Just upload your electricity bill and get a comparison in less than a minute.
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How does AGL use my personal information?

Any information we collect from your bill is used to give you an estimate of whether you could’ve saved with an AGL electricity plan. Your information won’t be used for marketing purposes.

How long does it take to get an electricity bill estimate?

Depending on your connection speed, you should have a comparison in less than a minute.

How accurate is my comparison?

We can’t guarantee the estimate we show you is 100% accurate. It’s also important to know that this isn’t an estimate of future electricity savings, just an estimate of what you could have saved if you were with AGL during your bill period.

What rates and tariffs do you base this estimate on?
We base them on our current electricity rates. However, these rates tend to vary from time to time, and the rates that applied during your billing period might be different to our current rates. Not all electricity rates applicable under the AGL electricity plan may appear in this comparison (for example if different rates apply based on usage or the time of year). To see our rates and key fees, check out our energy price fact sheets. It might also be a good idea to check whether your current energy provider’s rates have changed since that billing period.

This comparison uses the tariff information included on the bill you have uploaded. If this tariff information is incorrect, the AGL rates that apply to you may be different to the rates that have been used for this comparison. We will advise you in writing of any changes to your rates.
I have solar, can I still compare my electricity bill?

Of course! Our electricity bill comparison tool is smart enough to figure out who has solar and who doesn’t, and the comparison it provides will include the relevant government and/or retailer solar feed-in tariff, if applicable.

If you switch to AGL, we’ll need to reassess your eligibility for any government feed-in tariffs.

What information do you take from my bill?

We use your usage, tariff type, and solar generation. We also use your address to make sure we’re providing you with rates and offers relevant to your area.

Is there anything the electricity bill comparison tool can't calculate?

Yes, the following won’t be included or considered with your estimate:

  • Fees and once-off charges
  • Once-off credits and benefits
  • Bill adjustments
  • Victorian concessions
  • Green charges
  • Demand charges
  • AGL Double-up Discounts

It also won’t take into account any exit fees your current energy provider might charge if you exit your contract before expiry.

Terms and conditions

Refer to our Market Contract information for more details.

*This AGL Essentials Plus offer is available to NSW residential customers with e-billing. Credits: $20 for electricity and $20 for gas paid every six months over two years. View Basic Plan Information Documents at agl.com.au/bpid.

1 This discount applies to usage charges only and does not apply to fees or other charges such as supply, demand or green charges. Before your energy plan period ends, AGL may contact you to advise you of new discounts or benefits that will subsequently apply to you. AGL’s standard retail contract rates are updated periodically on agl.com.au/src.

2 Only available to residential customer with a solar PV system no larger than 10kW in NSW where AGL operates. Offer available to net metered and gross metered customers, and customers who are currently receiving a feed-in tariff under any Government scheme. The 20¢ AGL Solar Savers™ feed-in tariff is made up of AGL's Retailer Feed-in Tariff and an AGL bonus feed-in tariff of 8.9¢ in NSW

3 If you opt out of e-billing, we may terminate your Market Contract with 20 Business Days’ notice and place you on AGL’s Standard Retail Contract (which includes variable rates that are different from your fixed rates). We will write to you if this occurs.