A special offer for electric vehicle owners

We're passionate about creating a sustainable future in Australia - that's why we've launched a new plan exclusively for electric vehicle owners. If you own an EV, you could receive bonus credits on your home electricity bill.

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Sign up and get your bonuses

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    Bonus credits

    Get up to $480 in bonus credits paid over two years* if you own an EV.

  • Charge anytime

    Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to charge your EV any day, any time and receive the same great benefits.

Frequently asked questions

Is this plan restricted to electric vehicle (EV) owners only?
Yes, the plan is only available to customers who own at least one EV. You will need to provide your vehicle registration number as well as the make and model when signing up.
Is the plan limited to residential customers only?

Yes, currently the plan is only available to residential customers.

What is the duration of the plan?

You're guaranteed the plan benefits for a duration of 24 months. However, you're not locked-in for this period and can leave at any time.

Is there an exit fee and am I locked into a contract?

No, there are no exit fees and you are not locked into any fixed-term contract

What if I own two EVs, do I receive double the benefit?

No, the credit value is the same regardless of the amount of EVs you own.

Will my bill show how much energy my EV uses to charge?

No, unless your EV is individually metered, there's no way for us to separate the usage from your overall household consumption.

Will my EV show up in my 'energy insights' report?

Not currently, however we're working to include this in energy insights reports in future.

Can I sign up to this plan if I don't have a smart/digital meter?

Yes, a smart/digital meter is not required to access this plan.

Do I need a dedicated EV charger in order to get this plan?

No, you do not need a dedicated EV charger in order to get the plan, but if you do have one - that's fine too.

If I charge my EV from my solar system will I still get a credit?

Yes, you can charge your electric vehicle from your solar system, you will still receive the bonus credits.

Am I limited to the times I can charge my EV?

No, you can charge your EV at any time.

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Terms and conditions

Refer to our Market Contract information for more details.

*Offer only available to eligible residential customers in New South Wales where AGL operates. To be eligible for the AGL Electric Vehicle Plan you must own at least one electric vehicle that is registered in the same name, and to the same address as your AGL electricity account. In order to verify you own an electric vehicle, you must provide your vehicle registration number, vehicle make and model at the time of signing up to the plan. The AGL Electric Vehicle Plan includes a credit of up to $480 (GST incl.) over the 24 month Energy Plan Period. This amount will be applied to your electricity account as a $60 credit every three months and will appear on your next bill after the credit is applied. The credit amount is non-transferable and reduces the price of supply of electricity. You will only be entitled to receive credits for the duration of the period that you remain on the AGL Electric Vehicle Plan, or remain eligible for the energy plan. If you change plans or switch to another retailer, you will not be entitled to any unpaid credits.