Why choose an electric car?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are better for the environment, cheaper to run and now, there's more choice than ever before.

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    Running costs

    Fewer moving parts and better energy efficiency means cheaper running costs.

  • Performance

    Instantaneous torque and quiet acceleration means more control and better performance.

  • Environment

    Battery electric cars have zero on-road emissions and better energy efficiency.

Compare electric vehicles

With a growing number of EVs in Australia, the choice is yours. Here are a few popular EVs available in Australia.

*Charging costs based on an average of 14,000 km per year at an assumed usage rate of $0.22 per kWh. AGL offers an electricity plan that is exclusive to EV owners. Find out more.

^Information taken from manufacturer's website or greenvehicleguide.gov.au and is true as of September 2019.

**Using NEDC range standard.

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What to look for when buying an electric car

  1. Battery health and warranty

    The battery state of health (SOH) is a measure of the battery's performance compared to a brand new one of the same model and production year. A battery's SOH will decline over the years, however most electric car manufacturers will provide a battery warranty of up to eight years.

  2. Battery range

    Even though the vast majority of people travel less than 80 km per day, range is an important consideration when buying an electric vehicle. Battery capacities can range from 100 km in a model like the Mitsubishi MiEV to 660 kms in the Tesla Model S.

  3. Charging options

    Most electric cards will come with the option of a dedicated charger that you can mount in your garage. For a quicker charging option, an onboard charger allows you to fully charge your car in about four hours. There are even some two-way charging options that allow you to use your car to power your home, another car or even send power back to the grid. See our Charging page for more details.

  4. Total cost

    Since the purchase price of an electric car is usually higher than a traditional car, you'll want to factor this in. The running costs however, are generally lower. Head over to Evenergi's EV Calculator for more details.

Charging an electric vehicle

Cost to charge

The cost to charge an electric vehicle at home can be around $5 for every 100 kms. For a petrol car it would be closer to $15 for the same distance depending on the price of fuel.

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Charging on the go

Publicly accessible 'fast chargers' or 'super chargers' can recharge a battery in as little as 30 minutes.

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Charging at home

A standard electrical outlet is all you need to get started. For fast charging, you'll need to buy a dedicated charger unit.

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AGL's plan for EV owners

At AGL, we want to encourage more Australians to choose an electric vehicle. That's why we've created a special energy plan for EV drivers that offsets 100% of your household's electricity usage and offers bonus credits - making it rewarding for both you and the environment.

Basic Plan Information Documents are available at agl.com.au/bpid.

The connected car of the future

With automotive technology advancing at 100km an hour, the car of the future is just around the corner.