Why choose an electric car?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are better for the environment, cheaper to run and now, there's more choice than ever before.

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    Lower running costs

    Less moving parts and better energy efficiency can make it easier on your wallet.

  • Better performance

    Instantaneous torque and quiet acceleration give more control.

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    Environmentally friendly

    Battery electric cars have zero on-road emissions.

What to look for when buying an electric car

  1. Battery health and warranty

    Battery state of health (SOH) measures the car battery's performance compared to a brand new one of the same model and production year. A battery's SOH will decline over the years, but most electric car manufacturers will provide a battery warranty of up to eight years.

  2. Battery range

    Even though most people travel less than 80 km per day, it's important to think about how battery capacity when buying an electric vehicle. Battery capacities can range from 100 kms in a model like the Mitsubishi MiEV to 660 kms in the Tesla Model S.

  3. Charging options

    Most electric cars will come with the option of a dedicated charger that you can set up at home.

    For a quicker option, you could use an onboard charger that lets you fully charge your car in about four hours.

    There are even some two-way charging options that allow you to use your car to power your home, another car or even send power back to the grid.

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