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Emergency Information

For major incidents or faults where there is risk to life or property, call 000.

Faults, outages and loss of supply

If you are experiencing a power outage or a loss of gas supply to your property, please use the Faults and Emergencies number located on the front of your AGL bill. This is the number of the distribution company responsible for supply in your area. If you don’t know your distribution company, you can find out by entering your postcode into the electricity distributor search tool or gas distributor search tool.

Gas Supply and meter problems

Please contact AGL 24/7 on 131 245 in the following cases:

  • You have no gas at all

  • Your gas has been disconnected in error

  • Your meter is stolen or

  • You require a meter re-light (if construction work has occurred on your street, you may require a meter re-light or re-fix to get your gas going again on your property).