Sustainable energy solutions for your business

See if you could lower your energy bills, reduce carbon emissions or futureproof your business with a solar solution.

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End-to-end solutions tailored to your business

We’re a reliable energy partner to Australian businesses big and small. Benefit from our experience, expertise and equipment to find energy savings designed specifically for your business. See how we can help a business like yours today.


Solar and battery power

Go solar and see a range of benefits for your business. Find ways to reduce your costs, carbon emissions and reliance on the grid with our solar powered solutions.

Efficient LED lighting

Long-lasting LED lighting can reduce your energy and maintenance bills and we’ll make sure they’re carbon neutral. Plus, find out about available subsidies.

Power factor correction

Poor power factor can mean wasted money and energy. Improve your power factor and you could reduce network charges with certified carbon neutral solutions.

Demand response

Your commercial or industrial business could receive payments by shifting the timing of your commercial energy usage and helping to manage grid stability.

See our solutions in action

Our solar and energy efficiency solutions are changing businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, and more. See how we’ve helped build sustainable value as a trusted energy partner for businesses across Australia. 

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What to expect when partnering with AGL

End-to-end service

Benefit from a comprehensive end-to-end service. Our expertise brings you expert advice, installation, technology and ongoing support.

Reviewed overheads

Whether you’re looking to pay less, or simply get more from the energy you’re supplied, you could see  results in your bottom line.

Flexible payment options

Every business is different, that’s why we have different options designed to work for different industries.

Dedicated business team

Get consistent, reliable support with a dedicated project manager who understands your business.

Ongoing support

We can provide advice and monitoring, as well as competitive energy plans to help your business save.

A reliable partner

We’ve been there for Aussie businesses for decades and we’re looking forward to helping your business achieve its sustainability goals.

With AGL, you’re in good hands. Learn more about how we partner with your business.

Enhance your carbon neutral credentials

Help shape a sustainable future by opting into Climate Active certified carbon neutral electricity or gas for your business. 
Choose carbon neutral for your small or large business and support projects that genuinely reduce emissions. 

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