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Peak Energy Rewards

Be rewarded for reducing your energy use

Join AGL Peak Energy Rewards and you could get bill credits for reducing your home energy use during peak times, when the grid needs a helping hand^.

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Reduce your energy use. Help the grid and your community. Be rewarded.

Small changes can have a big impact. And when events occur that put pressure on the energy grid, we call on our members to help ensure there’s enough energy for their community – and reward them to say thanks.

How it works

Joining the Peak Energy Rewards Program is voluntary, and means you’ll join a community of like-minded people who don’t mind making small changes around the house to reduce their energy consumption during peak events. Not only do these small changes ensure energy is affordable and reliable when we all need it most, they also establish sustainable long-term habits that benefit the community in the long run.

Peak events are times when, because of weather or other circumstances, there’s a high demand for energy on the grid. Peak events usually only last from one to three hours.

We’ll text you when a peak event is scheduled so you’re in the loop, and if you opt-in, you can choose to reduce or shift your usage for the duration of the event. That might mean adjusting your air-conditioner a few degrees or waiting until the event has passed to use appliances like a washing machine or electric oven. See more small ways to make big differences.

After an event is over, we’ll send you an email report of your usage and reward you with bill credits if you meet your energy reduction targets.

Participation in events is voluntary. We’ll send an SMS asking if you’ll participate, and you simply need to reply YES to confirm you’re in.

How to set up Peak Energy Rewards

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Get alerts

We’ll send an SMS before a peak energy event occurs.

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Join the event

Opt-in to participate in the peak energy event with your personalised energy reduction target.

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Lower energy use

Once the peak event has started, delay using some applicances or turn them off.

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Check results

We’ll send an email report to show how much your household reduced its energy.

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Be rewarded

You'll earn a credit on your bill for meeting your target.

Peak Energy Rewards program impact

In 2022-2023, more than 100,000 Peak Energy Rewards members were able to reduce demand on the grid and achieve the following:

  • 22 state-wide peak events, 7 network events
  • 259-megawatt hours saved across all events and participants
  • Equivalent to providing enough electricity to power around 17,000 average Australian households for a day#
  • More than $1,300,000 in customer rewards across all participants

How can I reduce my energy use?

Here are some simple changes you could make to meet the target. Visit AGL's Saver Centre hub for more ideas.

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Pre-cooling your home

Take pressure off the grid during peak energy times.

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Closing your blinds

Help keep the heat outside.

Watch icon Watch icon

Avoid large appliances

Wait to use your washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher or aircon.

How much can I earn?

For peak events, you can earn up to $10 in bill credits for every 2-3 hour event and $5 in bill credits for every 1 hour event*, when you reach your energy reduction targets.

Frequently asked questions


AGL Peak Energy Rewards is a program which aims to reduce electricity demand during peak times and improve grid stability. From 1 December each year, participating customers will be notified by AGL when the electricity grid is experiencing high demand.

As of December 2021, the program will be changing from a summer initiative to an all-year-round proposition. This means events can take place throughout the year maximising our ability to reduce demand during peak times.

Eligible participants will be invited to voluntarily reduce their energy usage to decrease demand on the electricity grid, and in return, will be rewarded with credits towards their electricity bill. 

Demand response is when electricity consumers temporarily shift or reduce their energy consumption in response to high demand on the grid. It’s used successfully in lots of countries around the world to manage peak demand and the risks it causes – such as power outages.

Rather than relying on these solutions, we work together to collectively reduce how much electricity is being used. It’s cheaper and more efficient, with various retailers getting on board to make this initiative impactful.

It’s difficult to predict the number of events. This is because events can be triggered by unplanned occurrences like extreme weather, supply issues and network constraints.

Peak events can run from one to three hours. We’ll notify you when an event is going to happen and how long it will last.

Yes, they can.

You’ll be asked to voluntarily reduce your energy usage during a peak event period to decrease demand on the electricity grid. You will receive energy reduction targets (in order of increasing levels of reduction) prior to the peak event period. 

If you meet your energy reduction targets for each peak event, you’ll be rewarded with incentives in the form of a credit on your AGL electricity bill.

All participants should prioritise their personal wellbeing and circumstances, and that of other members of their household, prior to participation.

Participation in a peak event is entirely optional. If you choose to participate, you will decide how much to reduce your electricity usage by during the peak event.

No, all you need is a compatible digital meter to participate.

Within seven business days of an event, we’ll let you know how much energy you and the Peak Energy Rewards community saved, as well as any rewards you earned. 

You can also view your peak event usage in AGL's My Account or the AGL Energy app.

You will be notified by SMS if an event has been cancelled. 

If an event is rescheduled, you will receive an SMS with the new time for the event.

Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy, there may be times when renewable energy will not be able to cover high demand periods. Currently, fast acting generators like gas and diesel plants are used as backups during these times. If demand response is used effectively, there will be less need to use fossil fuels as backup, reducing the production of climate changing carbon emissions.


Event reduction targets are set prior to the event and are based on what we consider to be realistic targets, based on your historical data. If you have recently joined AGL or switched to a digital meter, we’ll set your target based on the usage of other similar households. The targets that we set for you will change from event to event. If you feel that the targets we have set for you are not realistic, please let us know by emailing us at

You will be rewarded for reducing your energy usage to the pre-set targets, calculated as an average across the peak event. The targets will be available in a SMS we send you prior to the peak event.

You’ll be notified of your overall reduction and credits earned after each event via email.

AGL uses a formula based on your typical usage history to forecast how much energy you would normally have used during peak events. After this number is normalised for variables such as weather, time and day, AGL then subtracts your actual usage to determine how much energy you saved.

There are many small measures you can take to reduce your energy usage, including:

  • Delaying the use of larger appliances such as a washing machine, clothes dryer or dishwasher
  • Turning your air conditioner to economy mode, adjusting the temperature to a few degrees higher, or using a fan instead
  • Avoiding using an electric oven or stove for the two-hour period or using your BBQ instead.

Your energy reduction targets will be set prior to the event and will be in the SMS we send you. It will set out the reduction you need to make to receive your maximum available incentives. 

As part of the AGL Peak Energy Rewards program, you will be rewarded with bill credits if you reduce your energy usage during the peak event to the target level(s) of reduction. You will not be rewarded if you reduce energy usage outside of the peak event period. 

Please note, reducing your energy usage during peak events as part of the AGL Peak Energy Rewards is entirely optional. Choosing to not join in an event will not affect future opportunities to participate.

You don’t need to be at home. You might decide to leave the home to use less energy. If your electricity usage falls below the pre-set targets, you will receive your credits whether you are at home or not during the peak event.

If you have been away for a short while, this is unlikely to affect the estimates that we use to determine your energy reduction targets.

The credits you earn can vary between each peak event because it is not only dependent on the efforts you took to reduce your usage on that particular day, but it also factors in what your typical usage based on your historical data (excluding holidays, weekends and previous peak events).

For customers that are already very efficient energy users, the ability to lower their usage even further during peak events may not be as easy. One potential way to save would be to turn your air conditioner up a few degrees from where you usually have it. You can also delay the use of appliances and lighting to reduce your usage. 

Find additional energy tips.

No, you will not be penalised in any way. However, if you do choose to participate, you can earn bill credits on your AGL electricity bill for reducing your electricity use during peak events to the level of reduction specified.


AGL Peak Energy Rewards is available to current AGL customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland with a digital ‘smart’ meter.

Participants must be a residential owner or tenant responsible for the electricity supply at your address and remain an AGL electricity account holder for the duration of the Program. View the Peak Energy Rewards Terms & Conditions for more information.

Not sure if you have a digital meter installed? Email us at

Yes. AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards is only available to existing AGL electricity customers at this stage.

Bill Savings

It’s simple to get involved in AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards program and save on your AGL energy bill:  

  1. We’ll let you know when a peak event is occurring 
    Prior to the event we’ll send you an SMS to notify you the event start and end time. We’ll also set your energy reduction targets for the upcoming event.  Simply reply to the SMS to confirm your participation in the event.
  2. Reduce your use 
    Achieve your energy reduction targets for the peak event period, by pre-cooling your home or delaying use of large appliances and earn bill credits 
  3. Earn credits 
    Be rewarded with an opportunity to participate in competitions and earn credits for each event by reducing your energy consumption to pre-set targets. You’ll also get a report after every event outlining your performance and rewards.
  4. Receive a bill credit 
    Your cumulative incentives earned will be shown as a credit on your AGL electricity bill 

Your rewards will be shown as “Peak Energy Rewards Credit” on your AGL electricity bill. We won’t be able to apply the credit if your bill arrives in the same week as an event. In this case we will apply your credit to the following bill.

Your financial credits summary will be available in the link we send you after each peak event^. It will show the cumulative credits on your bill. If you have a query around this figure, please email us at


You will receive a personalised notification of your energy reduction within the email we send you after each event. Details of your bill credit will be displayed on your AGL bill. We won’t be able to apply the credit if your bill arrives in the same week as an event. In this case we will apply your credit to the following bill.

Important Information

To be eligible to participate in the program you need to be an AGL customer. If you switch electricity providers unfortunately you will no longer be eligible to participate in the program.

You can deregister from the Program at any time by:

  • Using the deregister link included in your Program text message 
  • Emailing 'deregister' to
  • Calling AGL on 1300 377 118 and selecting option ‘3’
  • Via My Account - here

If you’re planning on moving, please contact us and let us know your future address. If it’s in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland we can check if your new property has a compatible digital meter and if you’re still eligible to participate.

Need support?

^ By opting into the Peak Energy Rewards Program, you agree to receive Peak Energy Rewards communications including by SMS and email.

Available to residential AGL electricity customers in VIC, NSW, SA & QLD (in areas where AGL operates) who have a digital ‘smart’ meter. $5 is the maximum available credit per 1 hour event and $10 is the maximum available credit per 2–3-hour events for reaching pre-set energy reduction targets. Targets will be set for your individual property prior to each event and may differ with each event. See full Terms and Conditions here.