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LED lighting

Switch your business to cost effective LED lighting and increase the productivity of your energy use.

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Spotlight on LED light for Hollick Estate

Our project at Hollick Estates winery helped them switch their lighting system to efficient lighting technology with costs spread over monthly instalments. The upgrade reduced their energy use and didn’t disrupt the daily operations of the business.

Hollick estate winery

Grants and subsidies

Commercial lighting subsidies are available to businesses when upgrading. Apply for relevant grants and subsidy schemes depending on where your business operates. To find out if you’re eligible, speak to our team.

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Benefits of switching to LEDs

LED lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional lights, helping to reduce the amount of energy needed to power your business.1

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Save on running costs

LED lights cost less to run than traditional lighting.


Less maintenance

LED lights last longer than traditional lighting, so don’t need to be replaced as often.


Lower greenhouse gas emissions

AGL LED lighting comes with a Carbon Neutral light option, certified by Climate Active.

Find the right LED lighting solution

Speak to an expert to get the right LED lighting solution for your business.