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We’ve got solar systems, installation and flexible payment solutions for commercial businesses.

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Solar power in action

A solar energy system consists of solar panels, inverters, mounting frames, cabling, electrical switches, and monitoring equipment. It can also include optional components such as batteries. Together, this equipment can transform your roof into a miniature power station!

The energy generated by your solar system will directly offset energy being consumed from the grid, which will help to lower your electricity bill. If your business uses most of your energy during daylight hours, and you have some spare roof area, then going solar may be a great option for your business.

If your solar system generates more energy than you need, adding a battery will allow you to store some of the unused energy.

Eligible small business customers can connect a solar battery to our Virtual Power Plant and get $1,000 off the upfront cost of each battery installed.^ By doing so, you may help support the security of the electricity grid.

Our experts can help design a solar and battery system for you.

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How we can help

Flexible ways to pay

We offer different ways to go solar, from upfront purchases through to our solar Smart Plan. Find out how you could enjoy the benefits without any upfront costs.

Go Carbon Neutral

With commercial solar, you have the choice to opt in to carbon neutral and further reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our solar and energy efficiency solutions are changing businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, and more.

AGL: your solar partner


Over the last 180 years, AGL has been a trusted energy partner for many Australian businesses.

Tailored to you

We take pride in designing a solution based on your energy use, budget, location and sustainability goals.

Industry range

We've worked with wineries, retail, manufacturing, councils, health care, aged care, schools and hospitality.

Payment options

Our flexible options let you find the best fit for your business - perhaps without making an upfront investment.

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Solar solutions to suit you

Deciding to go solar with AGL means end-to-end support from our team, including working through grid connection, statutory approvals and applications for available incentives, as well as access to a solar monitoring solution.

AGL is an Approved Solar Retailer by the Clean Energy Council.

^ Eligible customers are customers on a small business electricity tariff, who maintain an AGL electricity contract and sign up to our Virtual Power Plant for five years. Exit fees apply.