Choose solar, pay nothing upfront

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but it’s not always easy to pay for a solar system upfront. So we’ve introduced the solar Smart Plan for business.

The solar Smart Plan is also known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under this arrangement, AGL will install a solar system on your roof at no upfront cost to you, and you simply pay for the energy produced by the system. In many cases, the PPA tariff will be less than what you currently pay for your daytime electricity.

So your business can start saving as soon as installation and connection are complete. Plus, we take care of all warranties, maintenance and monitoring for the duration of your agreement.

The solar Smart Plan in action

  • Sign up, with no upfront payments.
  • We design and install the solar system.
  • We look after system monitoring and upkeep.*
  • Enjoy daytime energy savings**

*For the life of the plan. **Daytime solar energy, at a low predictable rate that's currently less than electricity from the grid.

Is our solar Smart Plan for you?

Choosing a solar Smart Plan can benefit your budget:

  • $0 upfront to help you preserve your capital.
  • Enjoy predictable low, long term solar electricity rates to help you plan ahead.
  • Flexible terms to suit your needs.

Plus, save time on admin, we’ll look after all warranties and maintenance for the duration of your plan.

Did you know?

AGL has flexible options for businesses looking to harness the benefits of solar.